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Bought a pair of V-Moda Bass Freqs for my wife. Only snag was the stupid mail room at my office which of course Jeff has nothing to do with. He even offered to refund some money as he's lowering the price on the 2nd one he's selling.
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Bought a pair of v modas from Jeff. Extremely professional communication really made this transaction work from start to finish. Great packing too.
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Sold Jeff an Iron Lung Jellyfish cable and everything went perfectly, I would definitely do business with him again!
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Jeff hired me to recable his K240 Sextetts. Couldn't have been an easier transaction - many thanks!
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I bought Jeff's Grado SR225s--awesome headphones. Not only was he a good communicator, he went the extra mile to make sure I got exactly what was described in the best possible condition. From excellent packing, quick shipping and thorough followup it was the best transaction all the way. Thanks Jeff.
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Very nice person. Perfect communication. Great buyer.
Thanks Jeff !
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Jeff GAVE me an HD600 cable; What a great guy. Would take items for free from again.
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buoght his k701 pair,very responsible and enthusiastic seller,safety shipping,hope to get another trades with him next time,thanks
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I bought a dual 1/4" TRS to 3 pin XLR cable from Jeff. Basically, I called him and said "What's the weirdest thing you got" and he said he couldn't fall asleep unless he was thinking about issuing a traffic citation to Ricky Ricardo.

Then I waited a while and said "No, what's the weirdest headphone thing you got." and it was those cables. When someone tells you something like that, you feel connected. I couldn't be happier.
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Bought a pair of hd600s off Jeff. Smooth transaction, they came just as he described. And he even delivered them to my work himself.

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I sold an HD650 stock cable to Jeff. He was very prompt on communication and so was the payment. It was a very pleasant experience through out. I would highly recommend doing business with Jeff.
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sold a sik dock to jeff. Paid quickly, is a pretty cool guy, and great to do business with.
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I bought a paired 1/4" mono -> RCA Silversonic BL-1 cable from Jeff. I paid on Sunday, he shipped the cable on Monday and I received it Wednesday. Absolutely smooth transaction.

Additionally, Jeff was helpful with my questions related to the cable. I'm hoping I have occasion to deal with Jeff in the future.

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Purchased a Presonus Central Station from Jeff. Great communication, willing to go the extra step and make sure it got here safely. All in all, a pleasure to do business with. Great Head-fier!
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I've done business with Jeff before and he always is easy to work with. Nice guy to carry on PM conversations with and always an easy transaction. Absolutely no worries when dealing with Jeff. A terrific Head-Fi'er.
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