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Beyerdynamic DT-770 - Less Boomy Mod ("LBM"-mod) w/ pics (56K warning)

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Many of you as well as my self love the DT-770 from Beyerdynamic, but to many think that they have just too boomy bass and too recessed mids - and sometimes I agree. I’ve been thinking about a way to change the sound for a while and when I read kramer5150’s thread about recabling the DT-770, in which he wrote:
“That felt ring places back pressure on the driver and damps cone motion. Removing it results in some serious bass, flabby and out of control IMHO”
I thought to myself - hmm, maybe that’s were the problem lies.

So I tried a few different things and came up to a solution which provides a bit tighter and more detailed bass and less recessed mids. Hope you'll find this guide useful!



I made myself a new pair in the exact way that the last one, but this time I used silver fiber tape. This tape is harder and the finished ring is much more solid than the one with masking tape. I think they sound better, but I guess that’s only the placebo that’s spooking.
Anyhow - If you’re going to do this mod, make sure to use a sturdy tape.
(I've marked the differences with red text.)

Materials and Tools
Small Philips screw driver
Small regular screw driver (flat)
Polish cloth in cotton
Masking tape (Go for a more sturdy tape as silver fiber tape instead)

Time to do
30 minutes

How to
1. This is what I used – polish cloth in cotton for cars. It’s really thin but hard to rip apart and it doesn’t fuzz.

2. Next step is to rip a square of it, fold it once and then iron it to make it as flat and stiff as possible.

3. When done, fold it once more and iron it to get it even thicker and not as wide. The dimensions of your polish cloth might be different, but aim at around 2cm (0,79”).

4. Unscrew these screws with the Philips screw driver.

5. Carefully loosen the housing from the headband to make things a bit easier.

6. Take the other screw driver (the flat one) and carefully pry of the screen.

7. When the screen is taken of, tap on the backside of the housing to release the driver and get hold on the felt ring. This is how it looks.

8. Now take your folded (and ironed) polish cloth and measure it so the length is the same as the felt ring. Cut out the little gap in the center so that your new ring won’t interfere with the wiring inside the housing. A tip here is to cut this small rectangular spacing out of the folded side of the cloth which will make it easier when it comes to fitting later.

9. Next step is to staple the cloth into a ring. Don’t staple to near the upper edge – leave about 5mm clean.

10. Test fit it to the driver’s backside.

11. Tape around the ring with your masking tape while it’s still mounted on the driver. (Use a more sturdy tape as silver fiber tape instead)

12. Now take it of and as you can see it almost twice as wide as the stock felt ring.

13. So grab a pair of sharp scissors and cut off about 5mm from the top (NOT the side with the rectangular spacing). This is why we didn’t staple all the way up at step 9.

14. Now fit it back where it should be and put it all back together. Do the same thing to the opposite side. Save the stock felt rings!


As result of this little mod, the bass is tamed a bit and more detailed than before. Now I can more clearly hear the strokes on the contrabass in Miles Davis “The Ghetto walk”. I also noticed that the double kick drums on Nile's album "Black Seeds of Vengeance" feels more tight and rapid. A bit more like "Grado kick drums" - nice!

The mids are now a bit more noticeable and forward and therefore more detailed.

I am really satisfied with this and it’s definitely worth the 30 minutes it takes. Everybody with a DT-770 should make a try.
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VERY nice choppa, nice guide, and VERY needed. as a past owner of dt770s i definitely think EVERYONE who owns a pair should give this a shot, as i feel the "muddiness/boominess" of the dt770s is their main problem which holds them back from their full potential. NICE
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awesome, i will try this tomorrow! thanks for the effort and pics!
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I'm glad you liked it.

I found some fiber tape that I will try out to see if it could improve the sound furthur. I doubt it, but we'll see.

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just noticed your avatar, surely you want to keep the extra bass for sunn O)))? i certainly do, maybe i should get another dt770, keep one for sunn, and one modded for everything else? (probably not, i prefer sunn through speakers by far anyway...)
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Originally Posted by jonnywolfet View Post
just noticed your avatar, surely you want to keep the extra bass for sunn O)))? i certainly do, maybe i should get another dt770, keep one for sunn, and one modded for everything else? (probably not, i prefer sunn through speakers by far anyway...)
Ha-ha, yeah sure why not?!

No but seriously, the bass is still there and goes deep as hell. But it now feels more refined and not so muddy and blurry anymore - deep but detailed.
It also feels like it's got more punch to it and double kick drums in hard rock and metal feels a bit more rapid.


The guide is updated!
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ok, i (loosly) dampened the back of the driver with some cotton pads, and wrapped the felt ring in 3 passes of electrical tape, not a huge difference, but the bass is less pronounced, less boomy and the mids seem to come through a bit more as of a result. male voices sound more forward. of course this may all be my imagination, ill report back in a few hours after i get some familiar albums down.

ok that was a LOT quicker than i expected. i did not like this at all, although the bass seemed to sound better, i was 6 mins into lateralus when the brightness was too much, it just sounded off, strangely the soundstage became compressed, and the whole presentation muffled. when i took everything out everything sounded right again. i must be a basshead. ah well, i knew that anyway, and its fun to experiment.
i love my dt770, ill never doubt it again...
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Maybe the cotton pads are to thick and soft and because of that they drown the sound? After that I ironed my polish cloth, it was pretty stiff and maybe that is what it takes to get the pleasing result?

Or you didn't like it at all...

Anyhow, fun that you took time and tried it out.

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nice mod..will try and do it sometime soon..but i like the boomyness of dt770, should i even try?
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Since you can reverse it in no-time if you don't like the change, it's totally worth it.

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Hello Guys. I know this was posted some very long ago but here is some feedback on what I did.
I started doing as you said, the cloth ring, stapled.
the cloth I had was not very thick so I added two more rings apart from the original one.
so I used

original one
one ring more or less the same size as the stock one
last much much bigger ring (so high you have to press the driver down to fit the plastic ring that hold the foam.

this gave me a headphone which is LACKING bass.
so what I am going to do is trim the last ring so I find the bass pleasant.
Actually I also find some sibilance in some songs... This you make some people WOW, sibilance in dt770pro/80b...

the cloth I used is breather (absorption fabric for composite manufacturing), which is very very similar to the stock one, but mine was a little but thinner.


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I don't find my 770 Pros to be boomy at all. The bass is perfect with lots of detail, warmth, and punch.

I did do a fair amount of burn-in (120+ hrs), which has made them sound better and better.
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Maybe thats because mine is the 80ohm version.
if am not wrong this is vastly spread in the forums.
The 250 version is said to be more detailed and less boomy.

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There's definitely a bump in the low end on the DT-770 Pro 80s I have. I am also looking for ways to dampen the bass response on these to be closer to neutral.

A few years ago, I had my floors done and have a roll of acoustic barrier underlayment left over; the material is similar to the dense foam that is used to treat the inside of computer cases and think that it may be better than the original felt rings at taming down the bass, we'll see.
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okay, im a ******* idiot, in the process of trying this, while trying to get the black screen of I wasnt AS CAREFUL as i should have been and the screw driver i was using tore the white felt on the inside thats on the driver. As of now its not affected the quality but im worried that over time with all the pressure inside the headphones it might rupture even more. Does anyone have any advice on fixing this ? Should i be sealing it somehow ? I feel like an idiot, i just got these two days ago and just wanted to hear what it sounded like without the black pry :/ FML. someone please give me some advice on what to do !


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