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iPod Nano 4g (Green) and Meizu M6 8g - CDN preferred

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i have both of these: the ipod for now 1.5 weeks as it came with my macbook pro and the meizu m6 for disk storage and a little music playback for 2 months.

both are impeccable physically - no scratches, denths, smears. the ipod has been taken out of its case so that I can get to the purchase cardboard so that i get a discount on my macbook pro. it was plugged in to my computer at work one time - out of curiosity.

the meizu has made it back and forth to work with me about 4 times - always protected in the ipod sock - no scratches or any love marks. it has been used rather seldom as i have not listened portably for a long time now and happen to use my minidisk now more often (why oh why).

please pm for more info - pictures come this night - though all i have are macbook pro photos - my camera is batteried out (8 year old sony dsc 505) yes!
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Is this for sale? IC? Price? auction?
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sorry about the pictures, i got home and was stuck in windows - i can do it tonight. i have received a number of replies. as for the ipod, - it has been opened. i would like to sell it for 220 CDN$ - it has been opened plugged in once - so does not qualify as properly used, but rather not new. i will not seel it for the low 150$ or something ridiculous 220$ is cheaper than new price of 229$ + 14% tax.

the meizu and accessories i would like to go for 170$ CDN. again, please pm me if still interested - even if for bargaining - though these units are pristine - the ipod near new, the meizu used for 20 hours - newish but perfect.
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the ipod is down: only meizu left
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PM sent
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