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I was thinking about going 4-pin XLR, which I believe should prevent any shorts from happening. As for sudden removal, I don't know how the amp will handle that. And as for different types of headphones, I can easily make a 1/4" -> 4-pin XLR converter too...

I was surprised at how long the 1/4" Neutrik plug was as well. I wasn't expecting a 3-4" plug at all, it made my mini ->1/4" look puny in comparison. However when plugged in their respective jacks, the Neutrik 1/4" and the Neutrik XLR are about the same length. Maybe it'll be a r eason to try out the K1000 one day? O_O
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As long as the volume is turned all the way down (and the amp is adjusted to have low DC offsets), it's safe to plug/unplug the TRS headphone while the power is on. I do it all the time on my own β22. Yes, it will still cause a momentary short circuit, but if there is no significant voltage (whether signal or DC offset) at the output, then there will be negligible current flow, nowhere near the 17A rating of the output MOSFETs to cause any damage.

None of the XLR connectors (3 pin or 4 pin) have the short circuit problem.
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can I just clip the tail of my headphone cable and add a 4pin or do I need to recable?
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Originally Posted by DoYouRight View Post
can I just clip the tail of my headphone cable and add a 4pin or do I need to recable?
I would do some research on how your headphones are cabled to begin with. That should give you a good idea on what you have to do.
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After fretting about the heat of running the S22 with two amps simultaneously I caved in and stuck a small 4" silent fan in the case blowing over the S22 and Beta boards, much cooler now
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man your combo is just too sexy Smeggy Im jealous. I want both of those amps, and a buffalo32s and havana so I have SS and Tubes covered. your halfway there! .... living on a prayer :P
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It's easy, all you need is a degree in reckless stupidity and crossed fingers hoping it doesn't blow up in your face

I'm gonna stuff the zobels in tonight for the speaker posts, order bigger sinks for the S22 for tougher loads and secure the fan properly. I also need to look into wiring up the EHHA heater delay and figuring where to mount the Pico board in there.

I'd love to have a buffalo to stuff in too it but sadly, more than I can stretch to.

BTW, on my shopping trip I could only find 2W 20 Ohm resistors rather than 22, will they do instead?
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i just finished placing an order from Ti for a 2-channel B22. i can't wait!
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Congrats, you'll love it I'm sure.
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he is building it for you? that's awesome luckyyy
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Calling all Beta Gurus...

Ok, I have a strange problem that I don't understand, maybe someone could shed some light on it.

I wired up the speaker outs with zobel last night but something is very wrong somewhere. The speaker outs are wired from the headphone exits so they;re off when phones are plugged in. Wires go from there to the zobel and posts. Now, testing continuity and resistance, it all looks perfect. No continuity with phones in, continuity with phones out. I check the posts to chassis, open, I play something and I get a reading from positive to chassis.

I have no idea why this is, and what;s coming out of them is very quiet, distant and has a weird out of phase, sorta mono sound.

It looks right, it just doesn't work for some reason.
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I don't recommend wiring the speaker outs that way. Most "switched" headphoen jacks do so on the "ground" leg, and all you're getting when iyou plug in the headphones is to lift that ground. But the speaker "grouhds" are still connected to each other, so you have, in effect, both speakers now in series across the L and R output terminals. What you're hearing is the difference signal between the left and right channels.

To make this work you'd need a headphone jack with two switches so you could "disconnect" the left and right speaker grounds independently, but even if you could find such a jack, would its switch contacts be rated high enough for speaker use?
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Hmm, so what is the reccomended way to go about it? It's for going to the stax box the same as if I plug it into the headphone socket.

It's a standard neutric which lifts all three contacts when plugged in and closes them when unplugged so no signal passes with headphones in and all three pass without. Whichever way I look at it it still doesn't make sense as it;s essentially just an extension of the jack which I'm using in another amp to switch from 1/4 to 1/8" phone jacks. Only one can be active at a time.
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what is the populated board height and width of the B22. I was trying to do the imaging in my head about the chassis for a 6 board but everything else like the KrMathis. So 12x12x4 wouldnt work but if I put 1 more up higher maybe 12x12x6? Or 16x16x6 I cant tell what I would need. The boards are in OH and Im in NC.
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And how exactly do you plan to put 6 boards into that case? Just look at amb's site - the boards are 3" x 7" each (though 2 can be arranged to be stacked and end up being 5.6" x 7" per pair).

Honestly, you ask a LOT of questions and 9 times out of 10, you can find the answer yourself if you only bothered to look.
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