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Eva Cassidy died in 1996 of Melanoma.


This new "Best Of" is a great compiliation of her work.


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She lives with us forever, in the form of her music.

How is the sound quality of that "best of" album and does it contain songs that were not previously released? I have all of her other albums; I wonder if I should buy that one.
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It was 9.99€ when I bought the lossless version here




They were checking IP address and stuff so I had to go through a French proxy server until the PayPal checkout was displayed. Then I could pay and download everything without proxy afterwards.


Pretty nice to get 9 formats from that site:


WAV / FLAC / ALAC / AIFF / WMA Lossless / 320K MP3 / 320K AAC / 320K OGG / 320K WMA


For the sound quality, someone seemed to prefer that over other so-called Hi-Fi CDs




Some online reviews here









Basically the first track You Take my Breath Away is an unreleased version and the one from another album American Tune was quite different.




A short clip available





If someone were looking for songs that were not released on any albums before, here's a little something for you




Niki Lee put that online for free and someone uploaded that to YouTube as well





That live version of Nightbird really is Knock Your Socks Off AMAZING. Other tracks were pretty darn good as well.


I kept thinking about this interview whenever I heard the song




Alan:   Your songs have been recorded by many artists, so which are your favourite interpretations?  

Doug:   I have a couple of favourites.  One was Eva Cassidy’s version of Nightbird.  That song is about a prostitute, a prostitute that I used to live with who really watched out for me.  I have no idea if Eva Cassidy knew what that song was about and I never heard it until my wife played it for me during a drive to Los Angeles from San Luis Opisbo.
 I’m a huge baseball fan and my team, the Cardinals from St Louis, were playing the Dodgers and I wanted to listen to the game.  My wife said “I got something for you to hear”, and I said, “But the Cardinals are on” and she said “This is more important than the Cardinals” and she put this CD on of Eva Cassidy.  I tell you, it moved me so much, I pulled over to the side of the road and I was weeping.  I have never done that song again.  When people ask me to do Nightbird, I tell them that if they want to hear THE version, she is the one to listen to. And then of course she died before I got a chance to meet her to ask her how she interpreted it like that.



Those tracks were recorded live at a club owned by Mick Fleetwood




This interview was so good that I've gotta leave out the last sentence




 For a couple of years in the ‘80s I had a jazz-blues music place called Fleetwood’s in Washington CS. That’s when I first came across Eva. I wanted the club to feature a lot of local players and she was a regular performer. I am always on the look out for new talent – if only because that’s how I’ve kept Fleetwood Mac going for 35 years. She immediately captivated me. She did a lot of covers, yet if was like hearing a song for the first time. She was trying to get a record deal and had a couple of showcases at the club. I think Atlantic came down and looked at her. But she said they didn’t get her. She would say, ‘If they don’t want me as I am I don’t want to be with them.’ She terrified them because she refused to do anything that would be against her craft. Times have changed since Fleetwood Mac started. There’s a problem with a lot of major record companies’ A&R departments. They follow trends and buy up blocks of artists. They get a whole bunch and hope two or three stick. The Ahmet Erteguns of their day were music people through and through. Yes, they were businessmen but they had a real sense of seeing something like when I saw Eva perform. You have to wait for that light to go on. When I first saw Stevie Nicks in the studio I knew she was playing from the heart. Same thing with Peter Green. I think Fleetwood Mac has survived because everyone was truly allowed to be who they were and are.

She was really easy to play with – God knows I’m not a great musician, but I was brought up playing with Peter Green who, like Eva, had such a command over dynamics. We were one hell of a loud band but we had a lot of moments where you could hear a pin drop. We developed this delicate touch, which was an extension of Peter’s guitar-playing; playing with Eva was a similar thing.

The stuff on Songbird captures what she could do live. I didn’t hear her play the song itself until she’d played at the club a few times. I put together with Atlantic a Rumours tribute thing. We had a whole slew of current acts but I was on the road and didn’t have  a full focus and Atlantic pitched a young chap [Duncan Sheik] who did this version of Songbird which I liked but it didn’t blow me away. Then a young sound guy at the club joined me on the road and brought Eva’s version, but it was too late. What a drag, one of my mistakes. Christine’s heard it, she loves it.

I also love her version of Over the Rainbow. The sweetest thing you ever heard. I often listen to her music, me and my wife. It brings back a lot of memories. She moved people and just had this presence. She was very shy but, on-stage, as strong as an ox. There's a lot of jazz in her, in the most accessible sense -- people have compared her to Ella Fitzgerald. She was a great interpreter of songs. She wrote, but she liked grabbing other people's songs. She was an interpreter of the highest calibre, a brave place to go. That’s part of the reason why people got frightened. They’d think, She doesn’t do all her own stuff. What were they talking about? A song’s a song’s a song.

She died of cancer. Gone. Just like that. She was gone within months. Would she have been a star? I don’t know. All one can assume is that someone would have noticed her. I know Bonnie Raitt and for years nobody took any notice of this woman.



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Beautiful song. Too bad there are so many ********** talking in the background. Never understood why people go to bars/clubs with live performers and then don't listen them. If you're just going out to drink and socialize you should go to Chili's or a hard core biker bar. 

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