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I got a cheap mid-'80s integrated amp for driving the old 600-ohm AKGs - works well. About a fourth of the price of an E17.

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You're probably right.


The fact is I had the E17 before buying K242 and found a good price for a used Asgard. I'm just happy to enjoy more my sextett with Asgard amp ( E17 as DAC only ) than with the E17 amp. 

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Forget 80's receivers.  Try a CR 00 or 20 series Yamaha receiver from the mid to late 70's.

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Have you ever had a Sextett that sounded really muffled and VERY dark?

Ever since getting it a year or two ago, it's been possibly one of my least favorite headphones. In storage as much as my Pro4AAAT.


I always wondered if I just hated it's signature or if somethings wrong with it.


There's something definitely wrong with them...But it seems you have made a bad pair of headphones tolerable.

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Originally Posted by Majestyk View Post

Forget 80's receivers.


No way, man.

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My early production white radiator, headband with holes in- AKG 240 sextett just arrived today. Paid just below €70 which is okay I guess. It sounds pretty transparent and really intimate which makes it the best headphone I ever had for use with musical instruments. When playing digital piano through the sextett it feels like the music comes from the piano itself. Very satisfied.


Sadly the elastics are pretty worn. Have ordered new pads so I'll see what those'll do.. but right now the headphone is far from comfortable or optimally sounding. Can I get these refurbished somehow? I'm a total tech noob, I'm afraid I'll damage the radiators if I want to polish the thing up myself.

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The radiators aren't as delicate as they may seem. For elastics, grab (and pay for) hair elastics from your beauty store. Cut the elastic loop open, wrap it around the side of the phones so it holds the headband to the cup, and tie it up to a sufficient length.


(The white radiators are late production.)

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Originally Posted by vid View Post

(The white radiators are late production.)


Oh! I thought the holes in the heandband indicated early production. They sound mighty fine, though.

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I don't know that the headband is generally taken as a reliable measure of AKG age.

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Originally Posted by vid View Post

I don't know that the headband is generally taken as a reliable measure of AKG age.


Nope, I was wrong. Found confirmation here: http://wiki.faust3d.com/wiki/index.php?title=AKG_K240_Series

The headband can be vastly different, it isn't a good indication :P I believe there's a little yellow-orangy tint but it's subtle,

so I guess I have either MP or LP's.

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The article takes some shortcuts, though. It's ambiguous about whether Sextetts continued to be sold after 1979 (i.e. what happened between the introductions of the K 241 and K 240 DF). Also, the "advanced equalization techniques" marketed to have been used for the DF were already in use in the K 241 five years earlier (what I believe the DF did pioneer was simply that they were equalized to a certain radio standard, rather than being AKG's first diffuse field cans as people assume). Further, the LP Sextetts may be a party to these diffuse field techniques, unlike the EP/MP versions.

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I own both the K241 and K240DF LP and MP.  After comparing these three cans for a few weeks I felt the K240DF LP was my favorite to listen to for its neutrality and detail.  The other two were more similar with the K241 being the warmest sounding but also had a smaller soundstage and less clarity.  Still a really great headphone for older and acoustic recordings (Jazz was quite wonderful).  I'm still hoping to pick up a mint K240 Sextett at some point but the K240DF LP has been my favorite iteration so far.

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Glad to see this thread is still active.  I scored an LP Sextett over the holidays and found this thread to guide my disassembly and refurb of it.  Its currently in pieces as you can see below.




Some points:

- foam, elastics, pads were all shot.  foam around driver was particularly disintegrated and I had to go through with an old toothbrush cleaning it all out.

- replacement foams ordered $1 aquarium filters off ebay and will cut to size.

- replacement elastics, will use some headbands

- pads look to been replaced before or someone DIY'ed some... they're definitely not original, and previous owners have stuffed foam in them.  Will order some stock K240 pads, but also keeping these as the leather is real and quite nice against the skin.

- I was too lazy to desolder the wires, so I popped the driver out by undoing part of the pivoting mechanism.

Thanks for this thread!

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More needs to be known about the relationship between the K 241 and the Sextetts. How was the driver design tweaked from LP to K 241, if at all? Or was the K 241 out before the LP? I don't think anyone has presented any dates for any of the Sextett version shifts. Better yet, both the LP Sextett and the K 241 should be measured by the same person.


A relationship between K 241 and K 240 DF can be deduced from, among other things, their very similar frequency response curves. And between K 241 and the Sextetts from their CSD plots - identical pattern of ringing not related to cup design.

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I've been listening to my Sextett for a while now, absolutely recommendation if you can get them for a decent price.

They are just so FUN to listen to, very 'vintage'y sounding. Still waiting for new pads and foam and materials to fix up the headband to play with.

One thing that really amazes me is that if a song even has the faintest echo in the recording, the sextett reproduces this with awe-inducing realism.


They sound even okay with modern music, right amounts of bass on my late production 240, and sound nothing short of amazing with well recorded music, especially 'oldies.

Soundstage-wise they are also really decent. Coming from Q701's I'm not even feeling a lack of space, and that says a lot.


With the right choice of music, this is the kind of headphone that would surely make an impression on even a non-audophile.

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