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Hi everyone,


since today I'm a LP Sextett owner, too. It has white radiators and a solid headband with AKG letters. My unit was rather inexpensive but it needs some refurbishment. The cable is missing, one side doesn't work and - of course - pads, elastics and damping are dead. I've worked on a couple of AKGs before, so I know my way around those, I think. I hope the dead side is only the usual bad connection somewhere and not a driver issue.


However, I still have two questions:

- I thought of using a regular cable and a good plug instead of buying a new cable from AKG. My music store has a nice selection and I'm alright at soldering, so that should be no problem. What about the strain relief, though? Is there anything generic that I could use? Or cut it off from an old, defective stock cable and glue it onto the new one?

- The inner headband with the AKG logo has gone hard. Is there anything I could do about it instead of replacing the whole thing?



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Another way in which you Sextett owners can help bridge the gap of mystery between the Sextett LP and the K 241/250 is to send your LPs to head-fi member Tyll for measurements. He's already measured very scientifically one pair of EP (data here, words here), and has expressed a desire to measure more.

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^  Yeah, I'm sure there's a lot of people jumping at the chance to do that.  :)

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People have in the history of mankind sent their headphones to Tyll for measurements; I don't see a reason for Sextetts being exempt from that desire as such.


The question is, what causes a pair of headphones to be sent to Tyll? The answer being inquisitive spirit. (Which is also the cause for our knowing what we do about the Sextetts now.)

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hey guys, I have a sextett coming in soon, about three days or so.. these pair that I'm receiving needs a little bit of refurbishment.. it has channel imbalanced issue, the guy that was selling this AKG didnt know whats wrong so he couldn't fix it and balanced it more or less with dampening.   What I wanted to ask is, what usually is the problem when imbalanced channel happened? how do I fix it?

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Originally Posted by Majestyk View Post

^  Yeah, I'm sure there's a lot of people jumping at the chance to do that.  :)


I didn't send him a Sextett but I did send 4 orthos when he sent a request for them.  I let him keep them for a while too so he could listen to them.  I sent him my Fostex T30 which is my favorite headphone and pretty much irreplaceable because it's so rare.  In comparison, sending a Sextett isn't that big a deal.

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It's a bit surprising that there's only been one Sextett sent Tyll's way. A bit unfortunate.

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I have no problem with the individual they are being sent to...I don't know him.  But there is always a risk of them getting lost or damaged in the mail.  Just seems like an unnecessary thing to do.

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Hello ,


I received my vintage AKG K242 ( french name pour AKG 240 sextett MP ) this morning !


And I'm very very happy with it. cans are really in mint condition (quite like brand new !! ) and sounds amazingly good . I bought another headphone 10 days ago , an Ultrasone HFI-2400 .  Both are good andy very different. I hoped This sextett will bring me differrent sound from Ultrasone's one  I can confirm my hope is completely satisfied. I was afraid about difficulty to drive this AKG but it sounds good directly from my Tangent Exeo amp . I will try now with my fiio E17.


Pics when i will be able to insert them in this thread.


( I apologize for my english .. directly comes form Burgundy/France ;) )

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Originally Posted by Sorrodje View Post
 I will try now with my fiio E17.


My K242 works well with fiio E17 . Nevertheless I would try another amp to be sure that they're fully exploited but it sound good to my ears .

Really happy with my combo Ultrasone + Sextett + Fiio .  Very different cans for different pleasures . All work with my little DAC/amp.


Tried Grados yesterday ( sr60 , 80 , 125, 225 & 325 ) ..  The sound of my sextett has nothing to do with grado's one IMO

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Originally Posted by Sorrodje View Post


Pics when i will be able to insert them in this thread.







It's in perfect condition elastics included :)

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Have you ever had a Sextett that sounded really muffled and VERY dark?

Ever since getting it a year or two ago, it's been possibly one of my least favorite headphones. In storage as much as my Pro4AAAT.


I always wondered if I just hated it's signature or if somethings wrong with it. Maybe the Mogami I recabled it with is no good.


I opened it up and removed the foam. It smells really bad. Kind of like bad cologne and someone's garage. Smelled weird from day one due to something inside. It's not rotted out and looks OK. You can even see through it.


OK, so I screwed up everything with no foam and the first thing that stuck out is how much larger the soundstage was. Sounded crystal clear too. Not dark or muffled.


Now I don't even know if this is really how it's supposed to sound or if I just killed it's sound by removing the foam. The mids aren't as full, but I think this varies between songs. The bass isn't definitely fine now and not bloated.


Right now I do like the sound with the foam removed. Maybe i'll buy some aquarium filter material to see if it changes much.

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I'll add this here if anyone in 20 years still is here and has an ancient Sextett LP.


Mine from day one sounded really muffled (as mentioned above).


Yesterday I bought some poly fiberfil AND reticulated foam. From my research the reticulated foam is extremely open.


Someone claimed that with the foam installed it should sound 100% identical to it without the foam. This is not true (for me).


It actually sounded too muffled with not enough treble. A real lack of clarity. It sounded slightly better than my old foam that was stinky (not due to me!)


I removed the foam and tried polyfiber fill. Sounded terrible. Like the mids were being shoved in my face.


Without the foam it's perfect.


Maybe the AKG foam is actually WAY different than fish filter foam?


Right now my Sextett is sounding pretty good. It has more than enough treble, but it's mids are a little thinner sounding.


Someone said that all this stuff crammed into the headphone does not alter the sound really and is only to prevent sound leakage. I don't believe this could be true...maybe.

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Originally Posted by Sorrodje View Post


My K242 works well with fiio E17 . Nevertheless I would try another amp to be sure that they're fully exploited but it sound good to my ears




I found a used Schiit Asgard and I received it last tuesday  Fiio L7 dock ordered so I can use E17 as DAC and Asgard as amp. My sextett is now really alive !

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