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Not a breakdown, but here's an unfinished project of mine with a bunch of disassembled pictures:


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 Regarding replacing headband elastics, the exact replacement is available from Full Compass Systems, Ltd. The part number is 2040MO3030. It's called "Rubber Loop for K240." You have to use a Very thin blade knife or razor blade & remove the silver logo plates This must be done very slowly so as to not bend them. There is a screw in the center. If it is frozen, use a very tiny amount of penetrating oil. Be sure you use a screwdriver with a good bite! Once the piece is removed, you will see how to proceed. I take photos at this point in case my memory fails me. It isn't rocket science but it does take good fingers (no arthritis!), a little cussin', & a couple of prayers to get it done. They do make a world of difference in sound. You need a good fit in order to get good sound. You can verify this by just pressing the cups against your ears. A good seal is important. I go with the cheap ear pads. I like velour's & the thick block pleather's. People sling "name brand" stuff around as recommended replacement pads. They are all made in China (rebadged) and until someone can divulge what American factory produces them, I'll stick to that statement. As much as I hate buying Chinese anythings, I'd rather wait the 4 weeks to get them instead of paying a premium+ price for a name brand.


 An alternative is to loosen the headband buttons a little, and slide the headband down to where it fits; then retighten the screws.

 Hope this helps.

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Originally Posted by troymadison View Post

Yeah, I think any K240 with the silver rim and branding are sextetts. The gold version are monitors with just two drivers. The sextetts don't say sextetts on them, it is more of a nickname because AKG abandoned the passive drivers and kept the same model number.

"Sextett" is German for "6". It refers to the six passive radiators that can be seen through the grill.

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Originally Posted by kman1211 View Post

You've had them long than I've been on this earth. I'll have to wait and see what mine are, couldn't really see the radiators in the pictures, I'm assuming Orange is mid production and white is late production give the headband is solid without holes.

Orange is early production; orange spacers behind white is mid-production; white is late production.

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Originally Posted by DisCHORDDubstep View Post

Decided to try out the hair band elastics mod... Also there is some radiator porn.
Jeez I still can't believe I paid 45$.


Just paid $185.00 for an early production model from Germany. Feel better now? I recently sold a pair for $185.00 on Ebay, then found myself scrambling to get that sound back. I bought a pair of DT-880's AFTER I sold the Sextetts. I should have waited. The DT-880's are a great sounding set of headphones but the mid-range wasn't quite as clear as the Sextetts. Nothing wrong with the DT-880 mid-range. It's just a little more colored than the Sextetts.  

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Originally Posted by mid-range View Post

"Sextett" is German for "6

Actually, "sechs" is German for "6".
"Sextett" is German for "Sextet" which is the English word for an ensemble of 6.

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You're right. I misinterpreted the definition. I just wanted to point out that it related to the design and wasn't just a nick name.



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Actually, $185 is way to pricey, folk ;) unless you have the package and the headphones look like new.

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I guess you may check the full setup of K141. To some extent, the capsules talk, whereas the overall sound design also depends on the other acoustic parts. I won't try to replace the capsules of my K141 with those on K240/240m just for experiments, for they are like new and come with good-looking package.


Hint: the official documents of AKG will tell you which models do share specific parts with each other.

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New in box from Germany. Elastics were excellent too. Personally I don't get too hung up on price if the equipment is in excellent plus condition. They ain't makin' them anymore and I want that particular sound.
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I don't agree with you because I tend to use them regardless the aesthetic design.

Yes, they're great, but not yet a piece of art.


I love the design, the pattern, and also the sound signature of them, so I'm now collecting them.

But doesn't mean I'll have to buy them when they double the price.

Sorry that I'm more business aligned.

I'm not a good audiophile.

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