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MylarOne X3 Bi-flanges DIY

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A lots of X3 owners are not very happy about the stock tips, and many different types of tips have been used to get X3 a better fit. One of the problem of using custom tip is you changed the sound characteristic when you used a type of different tips. Personally I like the sound of the original tips, but it is harder and often hurt my ear after a prolong time of usage. To solve this problem, I changed my stock tips to a softer AT tips (ER-CK5M). However, these tips have less bass and kind of loose (in term, less isolation). To solve the loose problem, I have been using SONGsanmanwah's original idea of pushing the silicon as far as it goes (pass the holding 'ditch' and getting the nozzle closer to my ear). This, however, doesn't change the fact that it has less bass.

One of the possible solution of my problem is to get an UE bi-flange, but as a DIY'er I prefer to improve it using what I already have instead of buying another pair of new tips. Here is my solution to the problem: The double layer tips - a simple way to get the effect of bi-flanges with what I (and probably most of you) have on hand.

Most of us who own CX300/EP630 (or any similar 'phone) will have more than a pair of same/different sized tips. Push one tip into the nozzle as far as you can, than use a second one to fit the original 'holding ditch' - and we have a homemade bi-flanges. You will need 2 pair of tips to finish this mod, but it is worth it. You'll get better fit, bass is better than single tip, the nozzle is place far enough to reveal more detail (the original single-tip-pushing-back has less detail), and you get more isolation. The best part is, you can use left-over tips to do this (save on time and money). Enjoy it

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will try this right now, i had my old cx300s in my bag...
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Sounds interesting, well worth a try. Do you use same size tips or a bigger one for the base?
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I used the same size tips, except the CX300 are slightly wider as the driver on the CX300 is slightly wider than the X3. It seems to work, but I'm giving the CX300s away later so I had to to take them off nice mod
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I too use same size tips (cause it's 3 pair of same size in a package), but there isn't anything stopping you to combine different sized tips. You will get a more bi-flanges looking if you combine a larger and a mid size tips.
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OK, here is something I realize after trying out different size of tips:

So far I can use any combination of tips size, but double mid size tips (showed in the picture as my original design) works better than other. Why? Because its size, the inner tip will form a semi-sealed space b/t the 'phone and the outer tip, this works out as a resonance chamber and give a slightly more refined bass... It isn't something major, but it does give a better sound in A/B test compare to other combination.
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wont the things get stuck in your ear?
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Originally Posted by ljcii View Post
wont the things get stuck in your ear?
No, cause the inside flange will 'grab' the outside flange and makes it fits tighter on the IEM.

Wow, talking about a yearly bump
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no i just happen to see it. it's great i can make a double flange. worried that it gets stuck in my year only though

but seriously, won't it get stuck in your ear?
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