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hotaudio40 's amps

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anyone dealt with this guy before? i would like some kind of impression of his amps, thanks
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what's a CMOR? Is that better than a CMOY?
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no one?
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Originally Posted by misterDX View Post

anyone dealt with this guy before? i would like some kind of impression of his amps, thanks
I picked up one of David's little amps about a month ago. I've been listening to it with my DX1000's off and on. Really nice spacious and lively sound. Lots of power too. I'm very pleased, and at such a fair price to boot.

Can't tell you much about battery life just yet. Hope this helps.
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I just got his USB dac from ebay and it sounds very good for the $80 I spent. I think i will try the OPA2134 amp and see how that works for me. I urge anyone who's looking for good sound on the cheap to check hotaudio40 out on ebay.
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If anyone who has one of these would be so kind to do a review, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm looking for an outboard USB-dac to upgrade my Audigy ZS 2 soundcard in the $100-$200 price range and this looks like it might have some potential. Any takers?
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Maybe if the link worked or someone could mention what the product is?
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HardHeadCase, here are the items he has listed on ebay currently:

eBay Seller: hotaudio40: Home Audio, Portable Audio Video items on eBay.com

He's got 3 main HP amps from what I've seen. A USB dac/amp, HP amp and HP amp/preamp. He uses a couple of different opamps in these for variety I guess. These are no frills products, designed for maximum sound quality at a reasonable price without the bells and whistles. I got the USB dac a few weeks ago and that was much better then my audigy 2, particularly utilizing asio4all plugin in foobar. This past week I got the opa2134 version amp and it makes even my cheap pioneer dvd player sound pretty damn good. I suppose it depends on the headphones as well but both my grado sr60 and senn 580's sound good. You can see he offers some for bid and others for buy it now or best offer. In my case he accepted a much lower offer and you can contact him and work something out, he's very easy going and informative about his products. He's got good feedback on ebay too.
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Link wasn't working earlier, I think he sold that unit and relisted to sell another.
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Strange, works for me. Go to ebay and either do a seller search for hotaudio40 or search for USB DAC HIGH-PERFORMANCE and from there you can see the other items he has for sale.
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Anyone know which chip is used in the USB DAC hotaudio has up for sale?
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yes, the USB/DAC is PCM2707
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Thanks hong, in conversations with him the other day, he also mentioned he has begun producing some USB DAC's based off of the 2704/2705 and is also working on a 2702 with opamp buffer.
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I had the same chat via email about the new USB Dac's he is working on.

I got mine today from Canada. Ordered Monday, fastest postage ever from Canada to the UK, 4 days!

The USB DAC is very nice, well packaged, professional looking. It detected instantly in OS X Leopard as "USB Audio DAC" and sounds amazing. Its not burnt in yet. But its sooo clear and airy with a very very good tuneful bass.

I am very impressed.

What a true bargain.

I only wanted it so I can use it at work to output sound to my headphones, but I am seriously considering using it at home as well and I may purchase one of the future models to do just that.
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