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Audio Technica ATH-CK7 versus?

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Hey, im looking to buy into some IEM's for use with my iPod while commuting.
I listen to Rock, indie, electronica, and rarely jazz and metal. Ive looked for a while, and ruling out the IEM's that you have to wrap around your ear and all that stuff (like the e2c's, i hate that system), ive decided on ATH-CK7's, but im not sure if they'll work well with my selection of music, and enviroment (bus). Does anyone else have any suggestions, can't be too "underground" or hard to find, i live in Australia. Cheers.
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Well the CK7 is more of an analytical phone with more emphasis on treble and details.

For rock and electronica, I would suggest a canalphone with more emphasis on warmth and bass. Although its purely what you like to hear on your music. Try the VSonic-RS02, available at headphonic (www.headphones.com.au).
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Anyone got any suggestions or ideas? Cheers,
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Yes, it's tasting like a flavor of the month, but man, does it taste sweet...Have a look at the CrossRoads MylarOne X3.

As a CK7 and X3 owner who listens to indie-rock, -pop, -hip-hop, and electronica, I can attest that both are fine-sounding earphones. The CK7, as blazer78 stated, is more analytical, sometimes clinical-sounding, with prominent, detailed highs, punchy bass, and a narrow soundstage. Note that it took mine 75+ hours of burn-in to tame the initially shrill treble and bring the freqency spectrum into balance. I also had to replace the original tips with Shure e2 soft flex sleeves to obtain a proper fit and seal. The X3 has a smooth, lush, balanced sound with less-pronounced highs (vs. the CK7) but absolutely no harshness and no considerable dearth of detail. I am impressed by its soundstage considering its price and the design limitations of a canalphone. As with any IEM, your success with them depends largely on finding the appropriate tips for your ears. For me, the V-MODA vibes' smallest silicone sleeves suit the X3 perfectly. Others have had success with Ultimate Ears' offerings.

Be aware, too, that the CK7 is designed to loop over the ear...While this isn't strictly necessary, I tend to get a better fit in that configuration. The CK7 is also notably heavier (having a metal housing) and features a slightly bothersome form factor in that the bottom of the metal housing is flat, creating right angles against the ear that aren't as comfortable as the X3's rounded shape. Of the two earphones, I now turn to the X3 most often -- it offers the smooth, full-bodied presentation I tend to prefer -- but they are different enough that I'm keeping both. Isolation with either should be adequate for bus-riding.

The Jaben website I linked to above ships internationally for free and lists their packages as $5 gifts to avoid customs fees for the buyer. The folks there are extremely reliable, so don't let the limited availability deter you from considering them. I seem to recall CrossRoads also having an Australian distributor...Can anyone else comment on this?
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