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added myself! iowa sucks
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Originally Posted by Sh0eBoX View Post
added myself! iowa sucks
no Las Vegas?
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I am in...
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Originally Posted by werdwerdus View Post
no Las Vegas?
las vegas is only temporary! my roots lie in iowa still
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just added myself, Pretty cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Theres Audio-Technica but no Sony?

I'm sure I'm the only Brummie
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Originally Posted by Kirosia View Post
Oops. Dangit.
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Cool, added myself.
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Added. So far it feels pretty lonely here in the vast expanse of South America
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I'm in. We need a so. cal meet.
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I'm in. C'mon TTVJ, sign up so I won't be so lonely in Montana!
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Added. Now if to see if we spell out anything on the map.
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