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Ultrasone Edition 9 Owners' Amp Registry

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I'd like to compile a list of the amps people are using with the Edition 9. This posting has liberally borrowed from the ATH-W5000 thread that has provided a source of good information that the W5000.

If you use multiple amps, please limit your post to the best one, or the top two if you feel they are at comparable level. I hope this will give everyone a better idea of the types of pairings that are preferred. Additionally, those posting responses in this thread are also requested to provide some simple impressions of why the amp they are using is satisfying you.

This thread will hopefully provide some answers to those wondering about what amps may work with these headphones. Once you pin-point a amp of interest for these headphones just do a search on the thread search function to see which post are associated with you amp of interest.

If possible, please also list the primary source used.

1. SPL Phonitor | Yamamoto HA-02 + Lavry DA10 (this is what I am using)
2. MAD Ear+ Purist HD with tube preferences + source.

Ultrasone Edition 9 Owners' Amp Registry

  • Yamamoto HA-02: slwiser, Dartagnan
  • SPL Phonitor: slwiser, Sceptre

  • Woo Audio 6 (all versions): fkclo, Jamato8, HeadphoneAddict, charlie1, milezone, wfranklin, cAsEsEnSiTiVe, jamato8
  • Rudistor RPX-33 (all versions): ghiberti, Sovkiller, shiosai, stevenkelby (sold UE9s), thread, themick, jetstream, hawat, pfillion
  • SinglePower Extreme (all versions): ldj325, bdh, toonie, jetstream
  • SinglePower MPX3 all versions; akabeth
  • Meier Corda Opera: mdarnton, itsborken, arnaud, aRRR
  • Rudistor RPX-100: fkclo, ldj325, drp (sold)
  • Rudistor RP010B MkII; osgroth (ordered)
  • Rudistor RP7b: Zuerst
  • Rudistor NX-33: ldj325 (sold)
  • Rudistor NKK-01; Toonie
  • Rudistor NX-02; thathertz
  • Rudistor MXM-03; tot
  • RSA B-52: Quint, Torske, 4N6; dmk005, BigEat
  • RSA Mustang P-51; pfilliion
  • RSA Apache; Lee Brindley (coming)
  • RSA Raptor: analog'd, MaloS, Darkkopi
  • RSA HR-2: analog'd
  • RSA Hornet: bdh
  • RSA Tomahawk; dmk005, Toonie
  • RSA Predator; pfillion, Darkkopi
  • Rockhopper Audio balanced Beta22; cAsEsEnSiTiVe
  • Naaman balanced Beta22; cAsEsEnSiTiVe
  • Little Dot MKV; pfillion
  • Beta22 (all models): steaxauce, GRUN
  • Cary Audio SLI-80 F1: 4N6
  • Perreaux SXH1: orkney
  • MAD Ear HD-200: orkney, wfranklin
  • CEC HD53R: Assorted (sold E9)
  • Audio Technica AT-HA5000: slwiser
  • Lisa III XP: lexnasa
  • Headroom Desktop (all versions):Hardwired. steaxauce
  • Headroom Home (all versions): Dan Milheim, tot(max)
  • Headroom Micro (all versions): tot (Ultra)
  • Headamp GS-1; Toonie
  • Headamp Pico;
  • DarkVoice 336i; HeadphoneAddict
  • PS Audio GCHA: shiosai
  • Heed Audio CanAmp: Dexdexter
  • Zana Duex: bosebuttons
  • Woo Audio 5: tyrion
  • Meier Arie: hoosterw
  • Meier Move: mdarnton
  • Meier Opera: aRRR, Lad27
  • Meier HeadFive; jetstream
  • Littte Dot II+: jetstream
  • Earmax AE: ghiberti
  • Naim CD5i: VaughnH
  • ASL Twin-Head: Piotr Ryka
  • Graham Slee Solo: thathertz
  • Darkvoice 336i:arielext
  • Larocco PRII: lexnasa, hoosterw
  • Xin SuperMicro V3: bdh
  • Xin Supermacro (all versions); jetstream
  • Headamp Pico:
  • Headamp GS-1; Toonie
  • Headroom Microamp: Hardwired
  • Qables iQube: wfranklin, kidult
  • K.I.C.A.S. (non-caliente);Heatfan12
  • Graham Slee Solo; Sceptre
  • ALO Amphora; HeadphoneAddict

Last Post updated is 168

Here is a link to a neat mini-meet in Singapore: Mini Meet Impressions - SGHeadphones
where several of the amps below were used with the Ultrasone Edition 9 headphone.

1. Yamamoto HA-02
2. MAD Ear+ HD
3. MAD Ear+ HD2
4. PS Audio GCHA
5. Rudistor RPX-33

Here is another link comparing two amps and the UE9 was in the mix some; Yamamoto HA-02 and Zana Duex. EddieCurrent Zana Duex - impressions - SGHeadphones

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Not an E9 owner anymore, but while I had them, I think the Rudistor RP7b was a very good match while using the Stello DA100 as the source. Great bass and the highs were never really sibilant.
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I do hope this gets some answers. I've got the phones, and now I'm looking for the right amp to go with is, so all ideas are REALLY appreciated.

That said, so far the answer to the question for me is iPod>ALO silver>Govibe V5> and Thinkpad or DVD player>Govibe (yes, I know this is all wrong, but I'm working on it). Since I'd like to be able to choose to go from Thinkpad USB or iPod line out or DVD digital out and I have a bit of hearing loss on my left ear, the only thing I can see so far that will take all those sources AND allows me to adjust the L/R balance is the Grace M902, so that's first in line unless someone in this thread comes up with something better.

That choice is more a matter of function than sound, of course. I'd be willing to take some detours if some reasonable alternative showed up that maximized the audio issues and met my other needs.
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I can report that my Heed Audio CanAmp works splendidly well with the Edition 9s, demonstrating genuine authority and control with plenty of power to spare.
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Originally Posted by Dexdexter View Post
I can report that my Heed Audio CanAmp works splendidly well with the Edition 9s, demonstrating genuine authority and control with plenty of power to spare.
I hope to take my HA5000 to a meet next month and compare this with several other amps. I hope this will prove useful since meet conditions rarely are best for these comparisons. But quick deltas can be revealing as first impressions I hope.
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I am crrently using the Zana Duex with excellant results with My ED9s,I have to give some of my other amps a try.
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(I'm just noting the things that seem to be especially noticable as due to the amp. All the other great qualities of the Edition 9s still apply, clarity, detail, great highs, smooth, great PRAT, etc.)

Single-ended: The Extreme Platinum is killer. The Extreme is noted for its bass, combine this with the bass of the Edtion 9 and something really special happens. It's not that the combination gets over bassy. It's more that there is the visceral bass impact similar to speakers, except the visceral bass punch is in the head (but not unpleasant) instead of the chest as with speakers. Also a very large soundstage.

Balanced (my Edition 9s go both ways): RudiStor NX-33 balanced. I love the balanced mode with Edition 9s. The fullness of the sound takes the killer Edition 9 bass and extends it into the chest as well as giving it even more texture. Less intense "kick in the head" bass punch of the Extreme, but with the larger soundstage of the balance version it somehow extends that bass into the upper chest--at least that's how it feels to me.
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Of the ones I have tried and heard, nothing beats till now my RPX-33 "Alberto Edition" specially tuned for them by Rudi...Nothing special inside, just tuned a little bit more specially for them...

I think that ED9 likes SS better than tubes, specially high current amps, preferible all discrete, that will give it the cleaner sound and the current they need to shine. I have done extensive comparisons with my maxed out PPA, and other IC based amps, and still I preffer the sound of the all discrete amps with it, instead of IC + buffers...The sound is like less congested, and the soundstage opens considerably...

As I'm not a tube lover, I preffer not to begin this debate now again, but I ahve ehard that the Zana Deux, using those insane Russian military 6C33C-B, seems to pair with it very well too...
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Great with WA6

My ED9 works very well - actually great - with my Woo Audio 6 with Philips GZ34 metal base. Actually it sounds quite like the L3000 except that it is more "balanced" and the way it conveys the spatial dimensions of the music is different. When I say balanced I mean the Edition 9 does not emphasis a particular frequency range, and therefore producing a well proportioned music. Resolution is there, but never analytical with the WA6.

And it works great with my trusted PRII too. (AD744 modd).

When my RPX-100 arrives, will report how it sounds.

F. Lo
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Though there is undoubtedly a special synergy with Rudistor amps, my '9s get along very well with my RSA B-52. The bass outta this combo is pretty incredible.
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RPX-33 MKII and Earmax AE.

they're both pretty damn good with E 9.

Originally Posted by fkclo View Post
When my RPX-100 arrives, will report how it sounds.
wow!! congrats man.

do not forget to take some sexy pics and post here
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Originally Posted by fkclo View Post

When my RPX-100 arrives, will report how it sounds.

F. Lo
I am awaiting delivery of my RPX-100 although I do not own E9s I will compare notes with you using my senn HD600s I am considering buying the Editions but have not found a UK source.
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Originally Posted by valeite View Post
...I am considering buying the Editions but have not found a UK source.
Contact Ultrasone's UK distributor, Audio Limited.
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Originally Posted by Dexdexter View Post
Contact Ultrasone's UK distributor, Audio Limited.
Thanks, I have now sent an email.
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Also loving the RPX-33 Mk II for the Edition 9. Simply stated, best overall rig I've owned and up there with some the best I've heard.

Rig: Resolution Audio Opus 21 - RPX-33 - Edition 9

I am also moving up to the RPX-100 (s/b here in ~1 week), for the option to balance, as well as the additional preamp capabilities.
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