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Going to Australia!

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In a couple of days, I am going with my school band to Australia for 11 days.

It's going to be a loooong plane ride, so it's a good thing that I've recently finally received the last puzzle piece to my portable rig. iPod 4g -> Cross Roads iPod line-out dock -> ratshack cable -> cmoy -> ER-4S. It sounds surprisingly good!! The cmoy is bound to the back of my iPod with an asparagus rubber band, so I doubt the airport security would think much of it.

But anyway... Is there anything you guys would recommend to me for my stay in Australia? (Particularly, you Aussies ) Resaurants? Cough, cough, AUDIO places? Lol. Then again, maybe I shouldn't spend any of my time worrying about audio during my stay in Australia.
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theres not tooooo much in the way of audio places that i know of here anyway. jb hi fi has a few senns, but other than that...
where in australia???
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Which parts of Australia are you going to?
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I had way too much fun when I went to Australia (Freemantle/Perth) for two weeks. I wish I was going......
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I'd suggest a Vegimite sandwich. They're horrible, but it's clearly the source of of the gritty determination of the folk in the land of Oz. If you can spend you childhood choking them down you'll be a crusty determine bugger by the time you graduate.
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Congratulations! you are going on a trip of a lifetime. Take a camera and make sure to take lots of pictures, if a couple of friends are also taking cameras it would be a good idea to bring a laptop so you could upload the pics on a regular basis and open up space on the memory cards. Enjoy your trip.

Oh and before I forget make sure you take a voltage converter to power up all your electronic sources.
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The way to eat Vegemite sandwich is to have it with a toasted bread and with butter (not margarine), with untoasted bread, they don't taste nice.
It's an acquired taste, really.

You didn't mention specifically which part of Australia, cause Australia is rather big...
But I think generally speaking, food-wise, I'm not sure, I think most great food here in Sydney are well, not Australian food, hehe...

Try wine if you drink wine. Out of my head the wine that I can still remember (that means it's good since I don't remember much) is Wynns Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 1994 (or '96 can't remember), it's defenitely worth the premium price. I think it's around 60 bucks or something.

If you're in Sydney, won't harm visiting Harry de Wheels and try their lovely meat pies.
Damn, I can't even think of what else to do here, not much here really, lol.
And shops close at 5pm, isn't that suck?
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Originally Posted by dj_mocok View Post
And shops close at 5pm, isn't that suck?
That's what the Internet is for.

But why do they close so darn early? That's crazy!
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Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule View Post
That's what the Internet is for.

But why do they close so darn early? That's crazy!
Because we are lazy.

Internet shopping here isn't all that great compared to US.

PS: But supermarkets open til midnight, not all of them, but some.
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I miss my days in Sydney. The life is so laid back, it's truly the place to enjoy life. I agree w/ DJ mocok suggestion, harry de wheels tiger pie is good, I prefer their hotdog though. While you are there (harry de wheels) go to kingcross, Sydney red district or Oxford st.
Sydney is a melting pot so most good food are from other culture. The good western food you might want to check it out is The hurricane in Bondi Beach (Their ribs is awesome). The gelato in Leichardt (little Italy) is also good (forgot the name, but you won't miss it since it's crowded)
I loved Laksa in Malaysian house, under QVB.
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I was in Sydney for 12 days in Feb. It is an amazing city in the summer. There are a lot of cool places to walk around... make sure to visit Rocks (right next to the Circular Que) if you like history. We took a tour around it and it was one of my favorite things while my visit.
I am not sure what you can do there now because it is getting very cold and windy (winter). Make sure to bring some warm clothing... kinda sucks because they have a lot of sweet water rides there but it is too cold to go now.
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It's the coldest day it's been for a while today, so bring warm clothes and a raincoat. Sydney is a fun place, I go to college here...The clubs are ok, but better in Melbourne. Take advantage of the 18 year old limit, and the lax attitude to drinking...It's a great place, so enjoy!
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My favourite place in Sydney is The Gap in Watsons Bay. It's a beautiful place. As per Tyll's suggestion, you do really need to try vegemite. It's hardcore Australian
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I like marmite on a spoon like a lollipop. vegemite is for weeny aussies! (j/k, basically the same stuff) anyway.. I'm goin down to oz next week, for a week.. for a wedding fun fun 22hrs in air there and back its basically a third of my trip! I also got a cmoy but maaaybe my pimeta parts will be here I'd need a night or 2 to build it though so I guess I'll need to wait to get back.. bummer cant go to beach this time of year, aussie ladies like the breeze buy some tsubi jeans, they're cool. enjoy!
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Take the train, IIRC the northern line toward the CBD. One after (or before) North Sydney (IIRC) is Kirribilli station. Get off, go to the open park under the bridge....when I was there I spent lots of time gazing at the beautiful views, and often lay down while listening to music watching the ferries, the bridge, the Opera House, the city etc. Then walk a few hundred meter up the road toward the station and stop off at the tiny restaurant called Stiry Crazy for the best Thaifood in the world!
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