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By the way, am I the only one who wants AKG to release a version in glossy black color?

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Or in dark grey, something like HD650's color.

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Originally Posted by sunseeker888 View Post


Does anyone know what the lowest recorded serial number is, without reading through 20 pages of head-fi posts here?


I bought mine from Amazon, before Christmas this year and mine are number 1212. They were sold new through Amazon by an associated dealer in Pennsylvania, USA.




I know a guy (works in a local hi-fi shop) who has a model with the number in the low 200's, not exactly sure which number, but one of the first models released.

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# 14318

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60571 !

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Left side 42676. I think I'm the third owner. Not sure where they were bought. (Possibly England?) 

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Hi, mine is 84213, left side, bought from Headroom on March 13, 2013. smile.gif

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Mine is 4205 smily_headphones1.gif on the left side smily_headphones1.gif
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Mine is 13807, left side.

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You have an early number!

My is #19163 and I love my AKG. 

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76840 left side

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#50626 on the left side. Got them from amazon.de about 3 years ago.
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Wow - can't believe I missed this for so many years!


Mine is #4788 on the right.  I bought them from cetoole.  He got them broke from someone else and didn't want to mess with them.  I repaired them and they've sounded great every since. biggrin.gif

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