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Originally Posted by Mr Do View Post
I remember Apple getting sued by Creative, hense the ripping off.
I remember Creative trying to sue them, but didn't that get thrown out?
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By apple paying creative $100 million out of court. Again, apple getting credit for something they shouldn't have. LOL!!!

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Mr Do, since you brought it up, what do you think Apple ripped off from Creative? Nested folders or hierarchical menu?
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The Creative Zen user interface patent.


Settled for $100 million here by apple.

my apologies.. but what the heck is nested folders?
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Originally Posted by Mr Do View Post
By apple paying creative $100 million out of court. Again, apple getting credit for something they shouldn't have. LOL!!!
Looking at the Zen patent, Creative were pretty lucky to get that, because it basically details the only way you could possibly organize a DAP.
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Maybe so but Creative did it first. And yea apple gets ripped off by everyone else as well.. Still I wish other companies got recognized more for there achievements instead of Apple.
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I know you reference the patent. I wanted to know what you thought Apple ripped off from Creative in that patient? At most it's the hierarchical menu that existed everywhere, but Creative got their patent for DAPs in first. Apple didn't steal it (ah it's been in every Windows, Mac, Linux machine I've ever used and the case is widely viewed as patent timing, not worth as intellectual property), but even if Apple did "rip off" a "menu with categories" does that cover all iPod "rip offs" or are there others you want to mention?
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Originally Posted by The_Duke_Of_Eli View Post
So, any pictures of your tin-foil and coat hanger hats to reflect all those harmful waves away? There are alot of things worse going around the air than the occasional cell phone waves, which have been proven to be alot less harmful than previously beleived.
Duke, of you two doubters, at least Fureshi demonstrated some comprehension of the differential effects of varying frequencies. I am still aware of the very real reports of brain cancers in cell-phone users, and that on the side of the head where the phone is held. Most of you will be fine, a few will die miserable deaths. You pays your nickel, and you makes your choice.

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O.K. Maybe rip off was a bit to harsh. Apple does deserve a lot of credit but not as much credit as they get do to their hype.
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Yes, fine, but can I still call my mother with it?

The iPhone... like a PS3 for your face.
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Originally Posted by fatcat28037 View Post
I stand corrected. Thanks for the enlightment.

No one has responded to my question about the cost of service. Any one have any info?
The iPhone will never tempt me now because of the "iPlan". My plan with Sprint costs half as much as the iPhone's cheapest $60/month plan, and offers more minutes, faster unlimited data, unlimited texting (iPlan, it costs extra).

I guess AT&T has to make up their profits somewhere after paying through the nose to get the Apple "exclusivity."

I am not even remotely convinced the iPhone innovates enough to warrant being the "end all be all" of PDA Phone Media Player Gadget. It may be in a slick package, but deep down, it's pretty shallow.

The stripped down Safari browser, for example. No Flash? C'mon. How is that any different than any other stripped down browser on other PDA Phones? Auto rotation and zooming aside, without Flash support, it just doesn't cut the mustard. I would've at least thought Apple would've included full flash support, there are so many websites that have flash nowadays. So no way the iPhone will give a FULL web experience.

Only way would be to use the iPhone as a modem and "tether" to a laptop on the o to get FULL internet browsing capabilities.

Oh wait, you can't do that with the iPhone with the current plans...

I can do that with my phone, right now, in fact.

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Originally Posted by Mr Do View Post
I've read the same thing about the keyboard not being all that great. I've also read that edge doesn't work properly so your stuck using wifi.

There is a video on Apple's site showing how the keyboard software works. Great ideas in theory, but you have to spend like a week "teaching" the iPhone to adjust to your typing errors. Given the past history of the abysmal failures of different on screen "learning" inputs, one thing is constant. People are impatient. While the die hard folks will most definitely find dual thumb typing fast, easy, and even superior to hardware buttons, the masses will absolutely hate it.

Don't get me wrong, I think the "idea" behind the "learning" system of the virtual keyboard is great, but it requires some level of patience. And the vast majority of people do not have very much of it.

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Slowly changing my mind. Maybe the 2G.
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I wouldn't buy a single piece of anything from AT&T until they start paying their employees' the commission's they've earned.
AT&T while in negotiations with it's sales associates for a new contract have taken the low road. Until they settle on a contract AT&T has illegally frozen all commissions owed to sales people in the AT&T/Cingular wireless stores. That means every person who is just dieing to give away ~$500 for an iPhone is paying full retail while AT&T is keeping the money and not paying out the commissions the sales person has earned.
I personally have no stomach for corporate greed perpetrated by people so vile that they would refuse to pay their employees because they can't agree on health benefits or annual pay increases.
I will sleep on a street corner in Upper Darby, PA overnight by myself to buy on concert ticket but I wouldn't wait one second just to give AT&T money so they can steal it from the help.

*rAnt ovEr*
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That's why I've never bought a phone from a Cingular/AT&T store. Go go Flushing and China town. =]
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