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I sold mine a month after buying it. The tech is just not there. I didn't spend $x on a high def set to play in 480p, so yes, graphics do matter to me. I found the wiimote annoying for Zelda and prefer the 360 remote by a large margin. For me, the ideal is to have the 360 remote as default, and in special cases like Guitar Hero 2, a specifically made remote for the required function.

Don't get me wrong, I had some fun with it, and it was great in a party setting, but it would take a lot more than a waggle remote to dethrone my 360, and I couldn't justify keeping it because my friends like to play it when they come over.

Figo, we must have very different tastes if you think the Wii has more quality games than the 360! Or you just don't have a 360.

I had a PS3 for a month before I sold it as well. A whole lot of promise, not a lot of follow through yet. I got annoyed with installing YDL and the lack of decent games. Resistance was awesome, but once that was done, so was I. I will buy a PS3 again once some decent exclusives start hitting and they drop the price, but I won't be buying another Wii.

I am not a loyalist to any of the big three, but MS is in the sweet spot in this generation.
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The thing with the Wii is this...

It's seperating Nintendo from the others.

Look at console sales so far- if they can keep a big name game coming out each christmas, it will become, if not a family standard in many places, a common sight in homes of non-typical gamers.

I still love my 360, but I really want to see where the Wii goes. last time I checked they were over 7 million sold - getting close to the 360 (at 11 million).
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I have to honestly say i dont think my Wii was worth it. With the money spent to buy everything ive only ever played when my friends come over, since i never seem to find the time to get into Zelda...

I probably could have used that money to get a CDJ T_T
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I hate & love Wii at the same time. Because....

I had to wait in the line at the middle of night to get one.
Wife got contoller all the time, not me.
When something goes wrong, its me to fix it.

And I am never a big fan of console games. I am simply not grown up with them, while my wife is. When I was in university, I noticed every little kid in neighbor had that box I never had before... called nintendo.

Other than that, Wii is great thing that makes my wife silent. -_-;
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I enjoy the wii very much...and when I get tired of wii games, there's always the very nice selection of unexpensive gamecube games that you can choose from
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I kinda feel the same way Jon L. The Wii is great when you have friends over and I love the VC, but I have yet to be lost in the depth of any Wii game so far. I do have hope for it though, since it continues to sell so well the user-base will become immense, so we can count on quality games being released eventually. What I'd really like to see if third party devs start to pull their weight and make something other than ports for the system. Now if only that new Dragon Quest were coming out soon...
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All my friends that have Wiis say they love them. When asked though, most have been playing Wii Sports and maybe Zelda. Several have not finished Zelda. "It's fun but...I dunno, I just haven't been playing it."

I like the concept behind what the Wii offers, but it needs more games worth buying to really compete. Even if third party stuff sucks and we still see Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Zelda, F-Zero, Pilotwings, and so on in reasonable quantities, that'd be enough to make me buy one.

Oh yeah, and a lot of the games so far have been party games that require you to put a few friends on your couch. What if I just want some games to play by myself? What if I wanna play with a friend who lives across the country? They say more games with that capability are coming, but why not already?
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I purchased a Wii for my wife for her b-day back in February. For the first few weeks we were all over Wii Sports. We were competing mostly in bowling (she is, in life, a star bowler and I am a total sucktard - the Wii leveled the playing field.)

I also purchased extra controllers and Zelda for her as well as a few points cards. We find that we are playing mostly older games which is fine for us (I'm 30, she is 31 and we both grew up during the craze of the NES and SNES).

For any "serious" gaming I do it on the PC. I'm into serious RPG games or really silly games like Worms clones. That or sicko eye-candy FPS games . The Wii is more of a device to bring my wife and I together. I work an awful lot and when I get to see my fam, I'm usually pretty tired, the Wii offers a really simple means of entertainment that is "other" than TV or radio.

What I have been playing mostly are older NES and SPES games from my youth. For whatever reason, Zelda is not interesting me as much as I thought it would, though it keeps my wife happy. I suppose, if I were buying for me, I'd want a Wii solely for the Mario library and then a PS3 for everything else. Yet, since, if I game seriously, it is with the PC, no console can ever really compete with the raw power of a modern gaming box. So I grade solely on the fun-factor scale and the Wii hits a 10 through and through.

It is more powerful than a PS2 and games are coming for it. I myself may find that I only play the oldschool stuff but in time I may pick up a new game or two. If I have a choice though, I'll drop my coin on audio gear not on console games.
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For the record, I don't one, but I don't like the Wii's that my friends and relatives have.

without going to into it, controlling games such as zelda is ridiculously awkward, I beat all of twilight princess on gamecube, and played quite a bit of it on wii, the gamecube version wins hands down IMHO.

I understand the need for innovation in the video game world, and I understand why the wii is such a good seller, since it truly does put the controller in the hands of people who usually didn't play video games, I just don't think this was the right way to go, I think the wii controller would make a great optional accessory, but it pains me to think that i would have to control all my classic characters like mario and link using a stick that I have to wave around in the air.

Probably the biggest disappointment to me was the 'classic gaming' capabilities of the wii, i just wish it was cheaper, since this was the feature i was waiting for most, and the fact that it cost so much was one of the biggest reasons that I didn't get a Wii, aside from the fact that when i want a workout, I go to the gym...

EDIT: Have a 360 and love it.
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I bought mine the week after Thanksgiving. It was very fun (mostly tennis) playing with my wife at home and brothers at Christmas. By April it had been sitting, untouched, for several months, so I sold it. Not that it wasn't a cool system, I just don't have time or interest in video games anymore.

I have a gamecube which more than satisfies the 2 times a year I wish to play video games.
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