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FS: Portable PIMETA amp!

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Looking to sell a well broken in portable PIMETA amp, built by the one and only MisterX. The amp is in flawless condition, and has around 50 hours use. It gets around 5 hours per battery, and sounds absolutely amazing with KSC-35s and Ultrasone PROline 750/2500s, and has more than enough punch to power any Sennheiser (barring the electrostats of course ) The currently installed opamps are AD8610s, so I wouldn't recommend using it with Grados Asking $85 shipped to the US. PayPal or Money Order only. No personal checks.

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PM sent and hopefully a deal struck
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Five hours per battery? Is that a typo? O.O
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Originally Posted by ShinyFalcon View Post
Five hours per battery? Is that a typo? O.O
No typo. This is one hellava powerful amp!

Oh, and it's currently pending sale
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