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buddy rich was a god. honestly, just the best drummer i've ever heard, regardless of genre.

Originally Posted by Cirventhor View Post
I love lots of Portnoy's work.

A good example would be his drumming in Dream Theater's "The Dance Of Eternity".
no man! the end of "The Glass Prison"! just insane.
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Dave Weckl Band.

"Perpetual Motion" is a good place to start. No matter how hard you try you simply cannot "airdrum" along with his recordings. His abstract sense of timing with his polyrythms is astonishing.
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Bill Bruford on B'Boom from the B'Boom Official Bootleg - Lot's of great work by Bruford over the years, obviously.

I agree with the Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" rec but that really echoes Phil's drum work from "Biko" on Peter Gabriel's third album for me. I'll take "Biko".

And one from out of left field, Steve Jansen on Japan's "Visons of China"
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[QUOTE=NightEcho;3015623]Okay, just looking for some of the best songs with drum solos or features, or that just have some bad-***** drumming. Let's limit to 3 answers per post to keep it easily digestable.

Keith Moon, Underture from "Tommy" by The Who -- energy, talent, drive, intelligence, it's all here

Charlie Watts, It's All Over Now from "12 x5" by The Rolling Stones -- knows when to push, knows when to lay back, his action during Richard's guitar break is excellent

Al Jackson: Try a Little Tenderness from "Live in Europe" by Otis Redding -- perfect timing, taste and that break towards the end, oh boy.

You asked for three, I could probably list at least a thousand. But these are three of my favorites.

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I really love listening to Martin Lopez from Opeth.

I think his best song is Deliverance. He never gets old...
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Orthrelm - "Ov"
Hella - "Biblical Violence"
Lightning Bolt - "Dead Cowboy"

Ahh, and here's one more that I just can't omit:

The Flying Luttenbachers - "Rise of the Iridescent Behemoth"
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Chicago - "I'm A Man"
Emerson Lake & Palmer - too many to mention
Genisis - Phil Collins was no sloutch (early stuff)
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Originally Posted by Debaser86 View Post
Hella - "Biblical Violence"
Here is a video, it's pretty good quality, and pretty awesome as well
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That Terry Bozzio clip is just amazing! Thanks for posting!!!

Old School: Gene Krupa
Dave Lombardo:

Alan White with Yes on Yessongs. Bill Bruford had left the band soon after the tour had started when they were recording the album. White steps in and, while having some understandable issues with the material early, gets it together magnificently, especially notable on the song, "Yours is no Disgrace".

Hard to limit to three...

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BTW: Phil Collins can play. Check out his work with Brand X. Also, love the work he does with Chester Thompson on the live album, "Second Out".

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I have to second the mentioning of Lightning Bolt, some of the most frenetic drumming ive heard. As for excellent recording of drums, most albums recorded by Steve Albini, most recently his own band Shellac's "Excellent Italian Greyhound" and of course Nirvana's "In Utero". They sound HUGE and tight! And lastly at this hour, any Confessor recordings or if you can find Loincloth anywhere...Steve Shelton will make you dizzy and dumb!!!
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Although this is more than three, I must say I have a particular liking to The Liars - "Drums Not Dead" album.
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Sorry for the double post, but I just saw your link and... Oh wow!! Great drum solo! I've always loved Art Blakey, but he made those guys look like fools! I feel really bad for Elvin Jones, he had the look of death in his eyes or something.
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My Standards

Steve Gadd - Aja (Steely Dan)
Joe Morello - Take Five (Dave Brubeck)
Jack DeJohnette - anything and everything he does

Fun thread.
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