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Recommend me a media player

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I used to use very old version of winamp to play my MP3s, but is there any better player out there? I heard of foobar, but not sure how good it is.

Basically all I want is a player that:
- plays mp3
- very light on resource (not a system hog or takes ages to load&close)
- no spyware
- no registration needed
- no trying-to-connect-to-internet-by-itself
- sounds good? or do they all sound the same?

Any recommendation? (and which version is best)? Thanks!
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There is a wealth of rabid support for foobar, assuming you are using the windows platform, it is easy to try out.
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Media monkey, iTunes, Foobar (amarok if you use linux) and winamp are your best options in my opinion.
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foobar2000. It's the best for me and fits your requirements perfectly ...
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I'm using Windows XP.
So I guess it's either foobar or winamp huh? Which one (also version) is less resource hog?

I don't need bells and whistles and all that. Don't need video or internet features or fancy plugins..
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Foobar it is then. Winamp has way too much stuff and useless crap in the most recent release.
And Foobar is pretty resource friendly. Takes around 2% on average of CPU power for me.
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^Yeah use Foobar, very light and easy to use, better than Winamp IMO. Fully customizable too if you want extras...
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Foobar2K. However, if system resources is a big issue, I say go with XMPlay. With output depth set at 32bit and internal resampler set at 96 kHz, it only uses about 2 MB of ram on my system.
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I find XMPlay to be easier on my stystem than foobar2K.
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I'm using Media Monkey right now on xp pro x64. Version It is using 33728k.
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fooooobar! i <3 foobar... SO customizable. it's virtually impossible to not get it set up just the way you like it. i find it to be quite light on resources as well
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same here, after heavy skinning (which is not default) I run about 30MB of memory and still 0% cpu...
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I got and installed Foobar latest version. It only uses 10,000K memory.

Mine looks so plain I thought it's a notepad, lol.

But yeah, it is costumisable, it's so flexible, I have no idea what those options are. The only one I know is change color and fonts, hehe..

By the way, how do we change IDE taqs using Foobar?
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It really depends on what you want to do with the player. If all you are doing is storing your music by artist/album and then navigating to an album that you want to listen to, then just about any player will work fine.

If at times, you can't decide what specific album you'd like to hear, but you are in the mood for some mellow jazz, then maybe something with more advanced playlist capabilities would be better. Using the mellow jazz example, the program I use, J.River Media Center, has a pretty good database feature. Of course it includes all the IDE tags as fields, including genre. However, it can do a lot more. First of all, you can define your own fields. If you want sub-genres, that are not part of the normal IDE tags, you can create your own. But my collection is fairly large and it would be pretty tedious to go through everything to edit the tags. JRMC also has a utility that will analyze your audio and calculate the beats-per-minute (BPM) and intensity (along with a few other things). So, if you know a track that you would consider mellow, you could use its settings as a basis for other mellow tracks. That might be something like a BPM less than 60 and intensity less than 2 (the scales used vary depending on each field, so something like intensity uses a scale of 1 to 5). Now I can have JRMC automatically create a playlist with the title "Mellow Jazz" by selecting all tracks from the genre "Jazz" OR "Vocal" AND a BPM < 60 AND Intensity < 2. If I want to play this list in random order, I need to add a randomizer to the list of arguments. JRMC also keeps track of when a CD or track was added to the library; when it was last played; and how many times it's been played. So, I can also add these arguments like "haven't played for a month" or "haven't listened to". You can also set limits to the length of a playlist. So the "Mellow Jazz" playlist can be limited to 90 minutes or something. Now anytime I add music to the library, JRMC will analyze the tracks and automatically tag the music from their online database. Every time I click the "Mellow Jazz" playlists, it will apply my criteria and display a new 90 minute randomly sorted list of mellow jazz tracks that I haven't heard in a month.

Their autoplaylist feature is very advanced. It can do a lot more than I've described in this post and it is not very difficult to learn. It's fun to use and listen to music based on whatever criteria you can come up with. It's kind of like your own personal radio, but much, much better. The only problem I have with JRMC is it supports other features like video, TV, and photography. I don't use those features because I prefer other apps for that functionality, so it seems like a waste. I've been looking at a pure music players, like Foobar2000, but none of them have JRMC advanced playlist power. Windows Media Player and iTunes fall far short of this and last I checked they were really slow with large databases and JRMC is very fast. Does anyone know of a "audio-only" player that has these advanced playlist capabilities?
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