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Icemat Siberia or Steelsound 5H V2?

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what do you think is better for gaming (especially fps games like cs:s) and listening to music?

or any other idea? at a same price as those above?

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Neither, especially not the Steelsound. They break so very easily. Look for a pair of used HD555's or something along those lines.
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I don't want to buy used ones.. and I think it will be hard to find used HD555's
btw.. my sound card is:
Intel 82801HB ICH8 - High Definition Audio Controller [B-0]
or Realtek high definition Audio..

and ignore the fact that they break. I won't break them.

I think HD555 are too expensive.
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For a closed set of gaming headphones, put a little consideration into the Equation Audio RP-21. They're pretty comfortable, have good clear sound, and a fairly big soundstage. However, if you're considering these for STRICTLY gaming, look into the Medusa 5.1 headsets.
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Both of the headphones you link to will be equally good (or bad) for games with the soundcard(s) you have. Both will be well below par for music for how much they cost.

What's the best price you've found for those two headphones? We can find you something much better with a price to work with.
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Icemats and steelsounds can be found online for about 50-70 bucks new. also, im pretty sure they have the same internal components
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Gaming headsets are not as good for gaming or music as just getting a good pair of headphones and a stand-alone mic (the mic will probably be better too). If you're on a super budget (which you seem to be), grab the AudioTechnica A500 and a standalone mic for a total under $100.
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correction, my sound card is:
Realtek ALC883 @ Intel 82801HB ICH8 - High Definition Audio Controller [B-0]
is that 5.1 or at least a good soundcard?

I found icemat siberia for like 100$
and medusa for 107$

but medusa's microphone is weird =/

another thing to consider, the main use will be gaming... like cs:s.
and less for music..

cause I have a sub woffer and speakers which I think are pretty good.

so I think I need headphones mainly for gaming.

in my country, everything is expensive.
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Wow, I wouldn't pay $40 for those headsets. Go with the A500 and find a decent stand-alone or clip-on mic and be happy.
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Your soundcard is not "good" since you ask.

The 5H V2 is okay because it sounds pretty cool for games (and surprisingly accurate in voice for a gaming headphone). The microphone is okay, and the entire thing is collapsable so it's a plus if you're looking to transport it alot. It's also circumural and not exactly super-aural. It kinda rests on top of your ears.

Or you can get an Audio Technica A500 for around $90 and be happy with the first step to an actually listenable sound.
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the only 5.1 headset that isn't complete crap is the Medusa but it still sucks big time for music.

the Senn 555 is not too expensive. hell the 595 can be found for $100 used here and most of our members take really good care of their cans so why not?

If you are going to spend $110 on some utter crap please do get the icemats and return to your ignorance.

I have tried everything for gaing from the K1000 on down and am not speaking out of my butt so LISTEN to me at least. The Sennheisers will absolutely astound you I promise that. A real pair of headphones with a Zalman clip on mic is the only way to go.
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You arent to get a lot of "gaming" headphone supporters around here. Basically what we're telling you is not to get "gaming" headphones. There are other better headphones to be had for the same price that will be more versatile. I used to use a pair of HD595's. Theyre so comfortable that long gaming sessions with them on was not a problem. Plus they have a good soundstage for FPS's and are adequately detailed and exciting. Very versatile cans too if you so choose to play music on them. Used headphones are NOT THE ENEMY!
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the A900 and HD595 are the best gaming phones! i forward the notion of the A500 for gaming. gaming headsets are designed to be upgraded (read: Cool) versions of call center headsets. the A500 is much more detailed, easier to hear what direction stuff is coming from or going to.

i play a lot of CSS and 1.6 and its really easy to hear a B rush on D2, or you can hear how many awps they have at mid etc. they have so much more detail than the "gaming" phones do.
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If HD555's are too pricey, then A500's probably are too. Take a look at the ATH-M30. 50 USD and decent all-around.
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haha, this is the same way I was trapped into head-fi. I just wanted some gaming cans and of course I got hd555's now and spend a lot of money in non-gaming audio. How cliche...
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