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I received my K-501's today and man, do they sound good with this EMP. You guys are right ...........these things have a "buxom" soundstage!!!

More later,

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phoneprone, happy to see you like them so far!

Wait until they break in man.. If theyre ANYTHING like my 401s, they'll only start to sound better.
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uh oh..is this AKG Team member 4???
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Team AKG may get bigger yet!

We'll have to wait and see how phoneprone REALLY likes them, though. Let the hype wear off. I'm sure he'll fall in love just as we have.
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I'm diggin' 'em more every minute. If they REALLY sound better after break in, I may have a major sock problem!!


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phoneprone, when I first put mine on, I loved them.. But.. My experience was a bit different then Neruda's, who bought them used. Some of the sonic characteristics he found, conflicted with my own. That all changed, though.

I've never heard a pair of cans change as much as these this quickly, though. The upper responce, and the mids seemed to smooth out, as well as the midbass, and lower bass. At first there doesnt seem to be much impact in the bass department, and they definatly sounded a tad light on the lower bass at first.

Make sure you listen WITHOUT your socks on. Mine hit the wall so hard paint started to chip off...
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lol, Xander.......will do!!


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Rick, I notice that you have a rather impressive collection of headphones and amps at your disposal. Please post any thoughts you have about how the K501's compare to your other headphones, and which amps they sound best with. I'd be very interested to hear what you find!

ps: please tell me what you think of the K501's when listening to Steely dan!
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Yes! I want to know how they pair with other amps!

Neruda, what Steely Dan album sounds best? I've never heard his stuff, and I need a new listen.
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I'm gonna' listen and burn in the next few days then I will try to give some feedback. So far, I'm amazed with the tonal balance and soundstage for phones at this price niche.

I'll be spinning some Steely Dan shortly!!!


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Originally posted by Xander

Neruda, what Steely Dan album sounds best? I've never heard his stuff, and I need a new listen.
their! their stuff! it's a group . I would reccomend getting "a decade of steely dan," which is a compilation. it has some very good stuff. You should also get "two against nature" if you can. Steely dan sounds great on K401's, particularly the song "babylon sisters." I once read a New York times article about a concert of theirs; it was entitled "if it's jaded and quirky, it must be Steely dan." You have to listen to them to learn the truth in that statement! Most of the lyrics are totally nonsensical. here's a little bit for you:
I can't cry anymore
While you run around
Break away
Just when it
Seems so clear
That it's
Over now
Drink your big black cow
And get out of here...
Another really good album, done by the main genius behind steely dan, is "The Nightfly" by Donald Fagen. I have yet to hear a CD that sounds better on my K401's than that album. there's a synergy that's hard to match...you should listen to that.
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Go team Beyer/Sennheiser!
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AJA and "Gaucho sound great, at least in their original LP configuration and the MoFi's. "Two Against Nature" sounds somewhat artificial in comparison, sounds like what a computer generated photo looks like. "The Nightfly" sounds wonderful for an early digital recording, but the "clarity" is probably due to a lack of low bass.

However, I don't own any AKGs so my take on the sound might be meaningless in the context of this discussion.
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I wasn't talking about the quality of the recording, I was talking about the sound of their style of music.
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As for me, I'll be faithful to Team Grado.
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