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For 5G/5.5G iMod customers outside the USA...

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To our 5G/5.5G iMod customers outside of the USA:

I spoke with Ken about a way to make it easier (and a little cheaper) for you. When you send your 5G/5.5G iMod to Red Wine Audio for the iMod and order the iMod Dock Cable from Ken at ALO, ask Ken to ship your cable to us at Red Wine Audio. We will then ship this cable back to you with your 5G/5.5G iMod in the same package. This way, you don't have to pay twice for Express Mail shipping.

Having Ken ship to us here in the USA is less expensive than having him ship separately to you in your country via Express Mail. We hope it will also be more convenient to have only one package shipped back to you with BOTH the iMod and the ALO iMod Dock cable.

Best regards,

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Thanks for the gesture

I'm considering have my 5G modded
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Send Vinnie an email, he's a nice guy.
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Just do it.

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Congratulations! This is very good news!

Unfortunatelly, the biggest issue for importing an Imod (at least for me) are the indecent import taxes that are practiced in my country...!!!
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