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Sold itsborken my PINT DIY amp. he paid minutes after we exchanged pm's and was always very polite and friendly. Recomended head-fier!

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Me 16

Just shipped out an iPod to John. Great communicaiton, lightning fast payment. Easy and great deal, with a great Head-Fi'er. Thanks!
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I sold John a Parasound 1500 DAC. He was quick to pay, and a friendly gent to do business with. Highly recommended!
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I purchased a Hornet from John. This is the second time I have dealt with him and, once again, he was a pleasure to deal with. He shipped quickly and the amp arrived exactly as advertised, what more could you ask for?

Thanks again John.
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John bought som AKG701's from me. It was a smooth transaction. Highly recommended! Thanks...
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I bought John's Corda Move - just a really great portable amp... especially with Senns and ATHs!

The amp was exactly as described by John, and received within 7 days, or less, of purchase, securely packaged.

I would readily do business with him again.
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Received an E9 from John (via Alex for a balancing act) and the package arrived in excellent condition and it was shipped to me in warp speed time. The entire transaction went well, John was always gracious and accommodating, Lots of give and take in our easy communications. Anxious to do business again. Outstanding headfier. Thanks John.
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I bought a Meier Corda Opera from John.

He really went the extra mile to determine the best way to get it to me up here in Canada.
He ended up making arrangements for it to arrive in Seattle at FedEx in time for my trip there.
I was delighted to open the carefully packed box and find what could have passed for a brand new item.
A great experience all around.
Thanks John!
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Sold John my DIY Sonicap dock. Super fast payment and excellent communication. Highly Recommended!
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I sold a Qables LOD to John. he paid very quickly and was a pleasure to deal with.
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John bought a Qable mini to mini interconnect from me. Great communication and lightening payment, highly recommended to do business with.
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Sold John a Gilmore Lite amp and a Turbo mini-RCA cable. He paid quickly and had great communication. Highly recommended. Thanks.
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I sold John my Headamp GS-X. Payment was prompt. Excellent communication. Great guy to do business with.
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Sold John my Pint amp and ALO LOD. Its great to deal with someone who knows exactly what he wants: great communication, ready to pay from the very beginning, and a pleasure to deal with the whole way through. I would buy or sell from him anytime without hesitation.
Enjoy the amp!
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Ultrasone PROline 750

I bought John's Ultrasone PROline 750 last Friday and it is here today, Monday. John gave me a good deal on this very clean and well-cared-for pair of headphones and was a pleasure to deal with. I see no reason why anyone would find trouble doing business with John.
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