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Please post feedback in this thread
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I sold John a pair of Proline 750s. He paid immediately and was very pleasant to deal with. I'd gladly do business with him in the future.

Thanks again
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John bought my AH-D2000's. He's an honest guy who I would do business with in the future. Enjoy them!
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I sold itsborken a pair of Silver Dragon interconnects. He paid seconds after I sent him my paypal email, and was extremely nice to deal with in general. I would not hesitate to deal with him again.
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Good seller

Hi all,

I bought a Moon Audio Silver Dragon iPod Send Dock from John.
I can't wait to try the cable.

He was very quick with his replies, reasonable to deal with, and helpful with my inquiries.

The item shipped Thursday and arrived Monday, Fast.....

I would buy from him again.

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Bought John's PortaCorda III USB, which arrived soon after he notified me that he had shipped it.

It was in a huge box, well packed and in great conditon.

Thanks, John!
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John is exactly the kind of guy everyone wants to deal with. He bought my 0404 PCI and was fast, communicative, and always friendly. I wholeheartedly recommend him. Thanks for a great sale!
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John purchased my E530's. Payment was like a bolt from the blue, communication was great. An all round nice guy to deal with....."Top Notch"
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I bought a pair of Denon D2000's from John. He shipped quickly and kept in touch to make sure that they arrived safely. Great guy to work with - highly recommended by BinK!
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I sold itsborken my RSA Hornet. Payment was immediate. There were no problems. Highly recommended.
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Sold itsborken my custom CMoy PCB. Fast payment, confirmed address, great communication! AA++
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Sold John my beloved PCDP. A super-smooth transaction with a super-nice guy. Would deal again in a heartbeat.

Take good care of her, John. Enjoy!
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I just sold John a NIB Sennheiser 1/4" to mini adapter. Quick comm, smooth payment, couldn't ask for more. A very easy transaction.

Thank you, John.
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I sent John some SOIC amps and Brown Dogs to solder for me. Not only did he do a spectacular job, but he did it promptly and shipped them out fast. Thanks!
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This time I sold SOIC opamps and Brown Dogs to John. What a pleasant guy to deal with. Twice in such a short period of time!
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