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ALOaudio Forum Etiquette

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We want the ALO Forum to be a fun place to talk about the products that we make and are working on for the future, and we want to hear from you -- the customer. Feedback is wonderful and we really appreciate the ideas and feedback of the people who love what we make. We love to engage with the people here on Head-Fi as most of our customer base is here on head-fi and well you would not be such a hardcore audio nut if you were not part of Head-fi! We want the ALO forum to be productive, and while we don’t want to sound snarky, we do need to have some housekeeping. So here are the “rules” of the ALO forum:

Rule # 1: Please...No complaining about our pricing. If you think the price is too high, please simply move on. Any posts with complaining/whining will be deleted.

Rule # 2: Any posts about "DIY'ing efforts" will be deleted. We have nothing against DIYers, but this is not the place to ask DIY questions or post about DIY'ing. We are trying to stay in business and offer you the very best quality product and very best customer support.

Rule # 3: Please do not post about anything that steals or attempts to steal our hard work.

Rule # 4: No hijacking threads. Please start a new thread if what you want to discuss is not related to the thread you are reading.

Rule # 5: The ALO forum is not a customer service forum. Should you need product support, have a complaint, etc., please contact us directly via email at (audiolineout@gmail.com). We are very responsive and will address what ever problem you might have in a timely fashion.


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Ken, you have a tipo in your email adress in rule 5. Just a heads up.
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Originally Posted by MASantos View Post
Ken, you have a tipo in your email adress in rule 5. Just a heads up.

Hey MAsantos

Thanks for the catching that!

It was nice meeting you at the last head-fi meet.

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