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It's all about supply and demand. Is there a shortage of people in your area of expertise at this time? Are there a multitude of companies seeking people in your area of expertise at this time? If so, the company probably would have voluntarily offered you a sign-up bonus. If not, by asking you might be jeopardizing a good job for the possibility of a few extra dollars.
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As a hiring manager, I was paid $90K sign-on bonus in my role and I have offered anywhere from $15-45K as one time sign on bonus to employees to get them over here. 


Yes, I am in banking.  However, the way I saw it was I attempted to get my staffing partner to draft up paperwork saying they would commit to a two-year period.  If they did not complete two-years the bonus was prorated and they were forced to repay the bonus.  The truth is that everyone will have bad days especially in the first six to twelve months and if I have a vested incentive in you at first you are most likely going to stay for two-years which studies show if you made it two to three years you will most likely stay employed as you are comfortable.


So yes, it is expensive to my employer but as the manager it secures an employee for years to come.


ASK!!  In many cases my recruiter would not offer a bonus without the associate asking, which I wish they would ask.


Good luck!

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I know nothing about your field of work and do think it depends on the field of employment. An interview is very special for each kind of profession and each has it's own dos and don't do rules.


I worked in sales and a manager looked at it as an aggressive/good thing. The dark side was if you didn't produce after asking for the money then it actually looked bad. I saw many ask for a month salary as a draw or an extra sign-on bonus. Many were paid an agreed upon sum of money where the rest were working only on commission.


It seemed the more you were known and the larger/better your reputation was you could be offered money to go away from one employer. If a manager knew you and was trying to put together a dream team then he would offer money for you to quit your present job. Many have been given large  monthly guarantees for the full term of their employment. Much of the time it is not ever the same for the rest of the crew. People get paid for both helping the company and get paid as a pet project of a manager. The manager is being creative and has ideas for success.


There is really a way to almost ask for anything in life if you know how to ask. You can even ask in a very smooth way and by reading facial expression and body language know how to ask the next segment of the question.


Depending on the situation it may not look bad at all but it is all in how you ask.


You could be off the wall and light with. " Are there any sign on monies being offered?"


and if a stern


"No!"................."well I didn't think so, but just thought I would ask...........I'm so excited about this job, I could care less!"


" Well one company was offering sign-on monies if you asked for it, I just wanted to see if you were offering any programs of the sort?"


You can say anything if your chemistry is 110% with the person you are with and you say it just right.


The down side is if the interview is going marginal and the hiring manager is 50/50 on the fence with you to start, then you fire off the wrong question and loose a job that you would have been happy with just getting the monthly pay out of and even getting promoted and pay raised in the future, but failed at because you became greedy/stupid and acted out of line.

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