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Originally Posted by sum View Post
Skip the built in DAC. Plug your DAC1 into it and you should have a pretty nice sounding rig.
I will definitely do that for a while, but the GCHA is going to live in my home office and be tethered to my pc while the dac1, with the Mapletree, will anchor my "main" system in the room where I get yelled at by the boss (living room).

If I was smart, I'd put the good stuff in my office!
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(edit: i have removed what i originally printed here. i will state to those that saw this post it was solely my interpretation. this was in regard to my feeling that ps audio were using the products manual as an advertising medium.)

it sounds very good out of the box. i have no doubt that more awaits. so how many hours burn in does this need?

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music_man, the manual says that the unit will perform very well out of the box, but will perform better with a better power cord and interconnects. They say that PS Audio builds both, but it does not say it is required. I'm running mine with the stock power cord and Siltech interconnects right now. It's not as egregious as you are making it out to be and it is not worth misleading everyone here.

I've noticed that after a couple of days of burn in the sibilance decreases. It definitely develops, but not to the extent I've seen some amps change sounds. In any case, enjoy! It really is a great sounding amp.
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you are correct. for the most part. i got overly excited. i am going to delete the above post in fairness to ps audio. it indeed merely suggests that performance can be improved by using tweaks. it suggests that ps audio tweaks are good(of course).

the only wording i do not like is the statement that the power cord is adequate only for the task of setup. the included power cord is stated to not offer best performance. i personally would not have worded it that way. i would have said something such as an audiophile quality power cord will improve the already good sound of the unit. the way they state it, it sounds as if the unit will not function "properly" without a special power cord. i may be personally misinterpreting what they are trying to say there. i guess that is open to interpretation.

i probably got overly excited to see them promote further purchase of their products in the owners manual. in fact, it is probably to be taken as a promotion and not a statement of requirement.

intrestingly the power cord included is not of the usual low quality of bundled cords. it is heavy and shielded.

furthermore, i am very happy with the unit itself.

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music_man, I agree with you that they should have said something about the power cord. You're right, they did include an excellent 10 gauge shielded cord. In any case, being a business owner myself, I really can't fault someone for a little self promotion. It is worth mentioning though that on PS Audios website forums, there are some discussions about other brands of power cords with PS Audio staff and personnel chiming in with positive remarks.

What cans are you using your amp with? I've had excellent luck with all of mine with the amp. The only issue I'm having is that sibilance in a recording appears to stand out a little too much.
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I received the GCHA and DAC1 yesterday and have been running them nonstop.

I have done most of my listening thus far on the DAC1. I'll withold final judgement until I can spend several weeks with each, but my first impression is that the DAC1 is the superior USB-DAC-AMP combo.
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i am using k701 and gs1000. i tend to prefer the k701. i know that is probably unusual.

i do not hear any sibilance problem. my k701's have thousands of hours on them though. it took maybe over 1,500 hours for them to really become outstanding. at only 600 hours they were not even so good. stick with them!
they completely transform at some point.

the dac1 is probably the most neutral dac and amp i have ever heard. it is a much better dac than the gcha. the gcha has a much more enjoyable sound as an amp to me. it is colored and not neutral like the dac1. the dac1 is a top analytical tool. the gcha is more for music enjoyment. the combination of the dac1,gcha and k701 are great imo. as long as you are liking solid state sound.

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The GCHA seems to need less burn-in than most amps, in my experience.

The owner's manual doesn't seem too over-the-top to me, but that's just me. It did have me holding on tight to my wallet, though.

I wonder if anyone at PS Audio is aware that they sometimes come out a bit too heavy-handed, self-promotion wise? It would be interesting if they followed posts here at head-fi.........
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Bootlet, I know it's not your final system setup, but plug in your DAC1 into your GCHA and unplug the usb from your GCHA for a comparison of just the amp section. Keep in mind that the GCHA is a headphone amp first. The DAC1 is definitely a DAC first, but they spent more attention to the amp section than most DAC manufacturers due to it's studio usage.

music_man, the k701s are my reference. They have about the same time on them as yours do. I might try changing cabling and see if the sibilance lessens. I also have some pretty disgusting AC problems living in midtown Manhattan. I have extensive power conditioning on my home theater, but not on my headphone rig.
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Originally Posted by greggf View Post
I wonder if anyone at PS Audio is aware that they sometimes come out a bit too heavy-handed, self-promotion wise? It would be interesting if they followed posts here at head-fi.........
I'm with PS Audio and quite pleased to see all the wonderful feedback on the GCHA. Of course we love it but we tend to be a little biased when it comes to our gear

The power cord included with the GCHA is better than the power cords most manufacturers include with their products, and the GCHA will definitely perform very well with the included cord. We include the note regarding aftermarket power cords and interconnects in the manual because we are strong believers in the difference high quality power cords and interconnects make. I apologize if the comments in the manual rubbed you the wrong way, which was certainly not the intention.
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Hi! Greetings!

Congratulations on the GCHA. It's quite an accomplishment and is adding much pleasure to my life. Thank you!

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thank you for posting. i don't really know why i was offended. i figure it was not ps audio's intention to simply take an opportunity to sell more product. i guess it was just a recommendation. i will chalk this up to my misunderstanding of what was said.

also, it does not take the usual time to burn in. i'd say almost done by 50 hours. by 100 hours i'd say it has reached it's peak. it is a very good solid state amp imo. goes great with the k701. i just don't really prefer the gs1000 with anything. i think that is just a matter of preference. even though one would expect the grado's to be better at twice the price. i'd say the gcha>k701 is probably the best i have heard from solid state and dynamic. it does not do everything, but what the combo does it does very well.

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i realised after i posted this someone is going to be thinking wait a second music man! you have heard headphones such as the sony mdr-r10. you mean to say the k701 is better than those? no. the k701 is not better than those. i meant to say that the k701 with the gcha is better than those and all others i have heard with other ss amps. i don't know what i would think of the mdr-r10 or other super phones with the gcha. i am also going by long term memory.
the r10 are no longer made. the ultrasone e9 or such is better than the k701. still, i feel the k701 on the gcha is better than all i have heard. i cannot say if other phones would better than the k701 on the gcha. i havent heard them on the gcha. it may just be that the synergy here(for ss) beats nearly anything(for me). it is a great combo.

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I just bought digitalvenom's gcha so hopefully it'll be here next week...pretty pumped. In the meantime, have you guys had much experience with the onboard DAC? Can it tie me over for a good while until I find a nice specialized one?

Also, digitalvenom suggested a power conditioner, does that mean the amp's psu is particularly lacking?...I'd look into it but it's so expensive haha
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1) Haven't tried the DAC.

2) The amp's PSU is far from lacking.
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