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i say get a macbook (pro). If you ever need windows, you can still run it. but OSX is why I recommend a mac.
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Originally Posted by mrdelayer View Post
I don't know what women you've been talking to lately, but some of them may have been men.

Very, very nerdy men.

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trust me, very very nerdy man create their own computer set up instead of be interested by a mac
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Well, I finally bought a computer today. The Thinkpad X60, with 2.0GHz processor, 2 GB RAM, and about three pounds. Should be pretty good.

Thanks for your help. It was a while ago, but this thread really helped me figure out priorities.

Now I need to get a padded sleeve for it. Any advice on really light weight ones? I looked at a few, but since the computer itself is so light, even medium padded sleeves seemed very heavy.
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neoprene notebook sleeves are lightweight.

there's really not much to them though... but if you are going to put it in a bag anyway you dno't need extra pockets or handles haha
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Yeah I also recommend a Neoprene sleeve for it. Depending on screen size, check to see if an Incase one for 13" macbooks will fit it. If not, then I think Targus makes a half decent one.
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Any of Apples laptopts will do. They're expected to introduce a small 12" sometime soon, but its only rumor at this point. If you decide to go the usual Microsoft route, try to find something that runs XP. Vista is a memory hog, and there is really no reason a laptop should need all the extra visual candy it does, especially for simple tasks like word processing. Its that visual candy that makes it slow. 1GB ram will be much faster on XP than Vista. 2 GB will be much faster on XP than Vista, etc, etc.

OSX is arguably more the more mature, finely-honed operating system at this point. Its been out longer, etc.
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The computer arrived at the store for pick up today and is now sitting on my desk. I am very satisfied with weight and build quality.

One concern though is how much preloaded stuff came on it. Does anyone have advice for how I should go about deleting the things I don't need, in addition to figuring out what exactly it is I don't need?

Unfortunately I do not have disks for the operating system, so I cannot wipe the harddrive and start over. I did a quick google search and read an article on digg about http://www.pcdecrapifier.com/. This seems to be exactly what I need, but I am a little hesitant about downloading the first program I find of google and running it, particulary as I do not have much virus-protection running yet.
Thank you.
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^ It seems to have good feedback. Just scanned the exe with my antivirus and it's clean. I usually look at how many tasks are running, and remove specific programs but that's if you know what you're doing.
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Is there some kind of recovery partition that you can burn to a CD as back-up?
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Go for the Apple. No need to justify it. Well worth the extra dollars.
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