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I want to get on the Opera train too... but I'm still iffy. I've been reading 90% positive reviews/impressions and the rest stating it as overrated.

I have a HD580 woodied and a HD650 on the way. Would the Opera sync well with those two phones?
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If there are users which have/had the Corda Prehead MK2 SE and have/had the Corda Opera, how would you describe the differences?
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Originally Posted by ManAtWork View Post
Choose the USB DAC edition if you need connect it with the computer, although in audiophile's perspective, its not the best; but honestly it is better than using onboard sound card or even Sound Blaster if you are a music lover. Otherwise, it is safe to get the analogue edition, using a pair of good quality RCA for your CD player should be better than the digital input according to my experience.
I don't understand that, you trust more the DAC of you CD player then DAC of Opera ?
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Originally Posted by ecclesand View Post
I wish I was a member of the Opera Owner's Club...sniff sniff
Anyone tried to sell it? I will take it.
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I can't wait to become a member of the Opera Owner's Club! Mine is on the way and will arrive anytime soon! It's good to see all the great words about the OPERA!!!
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OK, now I feel stupid. I never realized this thread existed.

I bought the Opera w/DAC based on advice from people I trust and have never looked back. It is the heart of my system and have not found it wanting or lacking. I particularly like the K501 and DT880s with it, although other cans do well also.

In an earlier post someone asked about the HD580 with the Opera. Fair warning, the HD580 is the only Sennheiser I have owned or listened to. I really hated it! Now, was it the phone? the Opera? Both? I don't know, but I never found love for it with my system.

The Opera is a keeper
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Any Opera owner compared it to the StageDAC? Yulong D100?


I'm interested in impressions. :)



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