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Best headphones ever

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What would you say are the best headphones ever made, price-no-object. I know its subjective, but if you could have any one pair of headphones to use most of the time, what would it be?
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^eww to the KSC35 -_-

Up to what I've heard now? Grado RS-1 or Alessandro MS-Pro. If I could have any system? Sennheiser Orpheus.
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To me Ultrasone Edition 9, Sony MDR-R10 and Orpheus system...
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orpheus system probably
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I guess i would say the UE-10 Pro, just because i'm not an audiophile and custom IEMs seem like as good as it could get for me. Unless there are any customs better than the 10pros.
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Originally Posted by ex0du5 View Post
^eww to the KSC35 -_-
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I would stick with my Stax SR-007's...
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Of all of the phones I have heard or owned to date, if I had to pick just one, it would have to be the AKG K-1000, followed very closely by the Grado PS-1s.
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I had tried Ultrasone Edition 9's and other than appearance they sound identical to the 750's.

Back to the original thread question, Grado GS 1000's.
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I own K1000s and R10s. The R10s are my favorite headphones, best suited for my tastes above all others, though I've been following the recent K1000 meet threads and am hoping to gradually tweak my system to bring them to a new level. I agree that the HE90s are as good as headphones get, but I equate them to some amazingly gorgeous homes some friends of mine have. I know how beautiful they are, and love hanging out in them, but I don't want to own them...just not my style.
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Grado HP1000
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Originally Posted by eduj
Grado HP1000
X2 !!!
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AKG K340

Even if I have no adequate amplifiers
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