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so who's rockin the HeadFive?

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i know there's the huge headfive thread, but i'm just sorta curious who still has theirs around and in use, or which new homes have found them. impressions are welcome as well.

I acquired CA-232 used about a month ago and love it with my 325i.
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I use them with my 990s and they sound great. The upgrade bug is biting again though
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I've had mine since release and don't plan to part with it any time soon.

The sound is good enough for me, the only reason to upgrade is a bigger amp with more inputs and built-in dac.
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I too bought mine (#002) since release. Posted it for sale once but withdrawn it and been enjoying them since then. The synergy with my DT531 has been great and will soon buy an ER4 P>S cable to see how it goes.

The only thing is that the discussions on the Heed Canamp has been driving me crazy...
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I still use mine, ordered it when it was launched here at Head-Fi, I use it with a set of Moon Audio cable hooked up to a pair of Bayer.

It's a great amp for music as well as Quake
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Picked mine up a month or two ago, CA-199, works great with my computer
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this is something for the amps subforum, not?

well, I'm using #151 and very happy with it as it plays nice with my Marantz CD5001 and MS2i (mostly connected through a 200 Ohm adapter)
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Televator, you got the exact setup that I'm aiming for. So far only got the HeadFive and MS-1, but I'm already one happy camper!

I'll order the CD5001 in a month and then start saving for the MS2i or RS2. Man, I can't wait
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I bought one a while back. Sounded great with the A900s I had at the time. Did line out from a 5G iPod with lossless and its probably about the best setup I've heard (yeah I know, sad isn't it). I really liked it, and forget how many times I would literally find myself just listening to the music instead of doing whatever I was doing.

I sold it because I needed the money and got rid of the iPod (and while it still sounded pretty good the crappy laptop just made it amplify a poor signal). If I get another pair of A900s I'll probably try to get one again. I'd actually really like to get an Aria so I can make use of the DAC.
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I just acquired an H5 about 3 weeks ago and have fallen madly in love with the Meier Amps...especially the crossfeed. I have it paired with my Denon AH-D2000. I have no immediate plans to sell it, however, I will toward the end of this year when I upgrade to the Opera or the new Meier Cantate.
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I have #12, acquired from another member here, and don't plan on getting rid of it any time soon. It works extremely well with both my DT770/80s and MS2is.
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#240 here, sounds very good with a HD600.
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CA-168 here, bought it "pre-burned-in" from the original purchaser, and still lovin' it

Yes, I have occaissionally been tempted by the upgrade bug,
but then I can find no real fault with the Head-Five
. . . . I also find no cash in my 'mad money' jar so I think I am safe
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I bought one of the last from Dr. Meier, still happy with it. It compares favourably to some other amps I have which costs more than the Headfive. Makes a fine job of driving Beyer DT250/80 and ATH ES7.

As I listen in my bed room, sometimes after my wife has gone to bed, I only wish the LED could have been a little less bright .
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Bought #31 in the original release as a 31st Birthday gift to my self, I use it everyday with my Entech Number Cruncher DAC. I don't see any reason to ever get rid of it, it sounds great, everyone that has come over and listened to it has fallen in love with it as well .
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