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Winamp Equalizer

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Do you use Winamp Equalizer?
Which preset do you choose?
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I don't use any equalisers on my PCs... I prefer having a non-doctored source and adjusting the bass alone on my amp...
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I use a custom eq pretty similar to the Techno preset but with the 12K range up un-adjusted.

Since I don't have any bass/tone control on the amp it's the only way to get the sound how I want (although probably wouldn't have to adjust it so much if I had the speakers set up correctly - read: still building them).

Pretty much the same setting on both my laptop -> Shure e2c setup and my X-fi -> el34 tube amp -> custom built speakers.
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When I'm using my laptop with its godawful speakers I ramp up the lower mids about 3 or 4dB (this is by ear though so don't quote me on that) and I have been known to turn down the high freqs a bit because the crappy little inbuilt speakers love to accentuate 5k and above.

The desktop is kept clean and zeroed across the spectrum though, sometimes I +3dB on 29 and 58Hz via hardware EQ on my I/O card's drivers (HD650s are a touch bass light for me sometimes depending on what I'm listening to), but I switch that off for when I'm monitoring with my speakers.
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Best thing about the Winamp EQ is you can save presets to individual songs. There are other plugins created by third parties such as the DECIsoft Equalizer, the Electri-Q, Equalizer by Nevi -similar to Winamps stock but uses a line that you can drag up or down for finer adjustment. PushTec for Winamp..Shibatch Super Equalizer. You can also use DX or VST bridges to use PRO Quality recording EQ's. That is if you use EQ...
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