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Originally Posted by b35ty View Post
I currently own some JVC HA-NC100s, which I love, but there must be something wrong with the cord because the sound goes dodgy at random. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, I'd appreciate it. Otherwise, I need to start looking for something new.
You can try replacing/resoldering the plug, or resoldering the connection between cable and headphone.

However, if you can't do it yourself, it's probably not worth the money to pay someone to do it.
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Originally Posted by stewtheking View Post
As far as I know, none of the models mentioned have a retractable cord. It's not something often found on more "audiophile" headphones. I'd say you are unlikely to find it. However, there are other cable management solutions out there, such as the sumajn smartwrap or the cable turtle. These can help you keep your cables neat and tidy (at least when they're not in use).
What I like so much about this feature is that I can just wear my headphones around my neck when I'm not using them, and there's no cord hanging anywhere, it's inside the left earcup. I don't know what these "cable management solutions" are, can you tell me about them??

EDIT: Duggeh, I'm intrigued. If you could find that model for me, I'd very much appreciate it. Had a quick look, but didn't really know what I'm after

I also looked at the Koss clip ons, as per the many recommendations. I might get some for casual stuff just because they're so damn cheap!
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OP blindness

Originally Posted by stewtheking View Post
I know it's usually a good shout, but he wants isolation. I do wish people would read posts before blindly screaming "KSC75" whenever a suggestion for cheap headphones is requested.
Original Post (OP) blindness is a recurrent phenomenon here at head-fi. I must admit I've fallen prey to it myself.

Following stewtheking's lead allow me to remind folks that the OP states
I don't want to spend several hundred dollars or anything.
so the HD25-1 suggestion is probably over budget. I know this is head-fi but let's give b35ty's hip pocket a break.
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HD-280 pro are good. Nice sounding, well built and very versatile.
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Originally Posted by porschemad911 View Post
HD-280 pro are good. Nice sounding, well built and very versatile.
HD 202's are cheaper, and sound great for the price ...
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HD25-1 if you are willing to spend a bit (~$170ish brand new, probably about $100 used, but hard to find used). It's the best portable closed headphone out there bar none as far as I'm concerned. I've heard the K81DJ and the ATH-ES7 and while I felt they were decent (the ES7 was actually pretty good), I didn't feel they matched up to my HD25-1. The ES7 seemed a bit too analytical for my tastes, not something I'm interested in when I'm on-the-go (not critical listening time).

Keep in mind that mine has a silver cable and velour pads, however, which does cost a bit extra but you can always buy those later (you can switch the cables yourself very easily -- Sennheiser cables can simply be unplugged). I don't really hear about any other closed portable headphones being recommended too often, so I'm confident that the HD25-1 (not HD25-SP!) is the best one out there.
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Based on the recommendation of the KSC75s, I was looking at other Koss's, and was wondering whether they all sound the same? Is it pointless to get both the KSC75 and UR40s???

Also, does anyone have any experience with the UR40s?? Or the QZPros, with NC??
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if you like metal, rock, or rap..... i woud look at the AKG k 26p they are cheap, you can get them at guitar center, less than the internet, and they are fold up. i have the ipod version and it is really good, it is a dirty sound that is a must for metal, its like rolling in the mud for a while and then after you get out and wash off your skin is sooooo smooth and the dead skin has come off. you can now breath, live life like an opera, or a musical....im not going to say that these headphone will make you look like a macho man, but i will say, from XP, if you get them enchanted from the orc in the first instance you will get a plus 10 on agility, and stamina.....
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AKG 26p's are great sounding and cheap closed portable cans. In fact I ended up selling my Superfi 5's. Why? the Superfi's where better cans, but I could not hack the discomfort after 3 months. The AKG 26p's have better bass, sound nearly as good and are comfortable. They would be a poor choice for use on an airplane but good for most other portable / closed applications.
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portable closed: ATH-ES7
portable (cheap, but yet good) open: PX100

Not so portable (but remarkably good)*open*: Ms-1 (the greates for price )

Gool luck to your choice!

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