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Best DAP for KSC-75's?

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Hey, what do you guys think is the best setup for me? I will be using unamped KSC-75's most of the time. I'd like the ability to view videos and use the player as an alarm clock. As such, I've been looking at the Cowon D2. I like how it puts out so much power, though I don't know how intuitive the touchscreen would be while I am working out or running. Perhaps the Clix 2 is a better choice? Sound quality is my primary concern (remember it will be unamped though), and I plan on using my Alessandro MS-1's on the DAP every now and then.
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The ubiquitous iPod sounds amazing with an unamped set of 75's.
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I'm not verse in the world of DAPs, but I think something a little warmer sounding would go well with the Koss.
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The M6 synergizes extremely well with the KSC75.
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I have always been recommending irivers and I will continue to do so. I think irivers has very good soundquality. Another thing is the overall quality of iriver, I have never had a single problem with an iriver, not even my iHP-120 that is three years old (I guess it will brake down just because I said this)
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I'm diggin' the KSC75/Zen Xtra combo. I switch between KSC75 and IEMs with no amp. IEMs require a lot less juice to run at a slammin volume. I can pretty much run at full volume with the KSC75 without being stressed. A lot of the creative players have pretty high output so I ordered a Zen Micro hoping for a similar sound in a smaller package. I'm probably 1/2 deaf but a some of the other daps I've tried have left me wanting more volume or more headroom. My 1G shuffle also works great and has very high output but it isn't much of an alarm clock
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iPod 5G video sounds great with KSC75's unamped.
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The shuffle 2G is nice as well. ITs a great combo!
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How does the zune sound with ksc75?
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Cowon players are famous for having some of the best unamped sound quality, so id look into a D2 or a used X5 as the X5 isnt being produced anymore
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Originally Posted by Palm Springs View Post
How does the zune sound with ksc75?
The Zune sounds great too! Better seperation than the shuffle.
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I think it's safe to say that any decent DAP will sound just fine with the 75's.
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I love my Zune with my KSC-75s! I don't think it would work as an alarm though (or why you would want to).
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the zune doesn't have an clock, making the alarm clock function EXTREMELY unreliable.
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I enjoy listening to the KSC75's on my D2 during the few times I get quiet time around the house. Too much leak in when people are in the house (TV, washing machine, etc etc).
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