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email sent
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Email sent you your home account. Thanks Ray!
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Email sent
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Ha ha, roll call for the first 10. So you are going with the white/clear eh Johnsonad?
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ygpm re: payment
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Very nice. Let's see some comparison reviews, more, more.......
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Outstanding looking amp, Ray! I would LOVE to compare it to the B-52!
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Any pictures of the silver version? I would like to have a look at...what I'm waiting for!
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does anyone know if the intro price is still available?
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Best ask Ray directly; I was #12.
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i did. still waiting for a response. just wondering if someone knew for sure.
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Damn you guys are so lucky. I wish I had the extra dough to get one of these babies. By far one of the best I have ever heard. All my demo recordings shined through this thing. If anyone lives in So. Cal. and has one - let me know - I'd love to drop by for a listening party.
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In San Diego and should have number one pretty soon You are welcome to come by for a listen. Plus, just got a 508.24 today to go with it Minus Ray's cables, it should sound pretty much the same as at the meet!
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i've been looking for a balanced amp for months now. if the intro price is still available, i'm going for it (Ray, where are you). I mean, debt is so underrated.
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