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Naim CD Users?

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Any Naim CDP users out there?? I'm hunting for a new (or possibly used) CD player and I've been considering Arcam, Meridian, Cal Audio, and Naim. I've read a lot about the others and some opinions on the Naims but I want some more input. Has anyone here used the Naim manual loading system? Was it annoying and cumbersome or did the sound make up for it? (Unfortunately, I don't have a local dealer to check one out myself)



PS - I'm looking at the new Naim CD5 or possibly a CD3.5, but opinions on other models are welcome
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i checked out a Naim system (the 5 series i believe) with BW 805s and it was simply astounding. I fell in love immediately. i can't exactly say what i liked about it, but there was definately something special to this system.

Anyhow, unfortunately i think you can only use naim CDPs with naim amps. THat is, unless you get a DIN to RCA connecter. I suppose naim thinks their products integrate perfectly together. who knows. but naim does have a headphone amp though.

oh yeah, also i think Naim products need outboard power supplies.

The cd tray system was not really cumbersome at all. It's magnetically held shut and has a very solid, strong feel to it. seems much more reliable than the flimsy trays on some CD players i've seen (read: NAD)
The sound was wonderful, but the entire setup seems like a considerable hassle to set up and integrate into an already existing system, so keep that in mind i guess.
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I knew about the DIN to RCA cable and I'm not too worried about that. So you say the tray felt solid, that is good to hear. How about changing discs? Was it fairly easy to change? I've heard there is a magnetic disc that holds the actual CD down, sorta like a record clamp.
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yeah, there is a magnetic disc that holds the cd in place. The binding strength isn't too much, so the disc is easy enough to remove.

I must say, all in all the Naim CD player was one of the most straightforward and solidly built peices of equipment i've used (breifly albeit). if only i were a rich man...
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