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I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet...

From the screenshots, it looks like Starcraft 2 will stay pretty true to the original. Which is probably for the best, considering that almost all of the old Blizz designers and artists who worked on the older games have already left. Games such as Diablo I - Diablo II and Warcraft II - Warcraft III were very similar and huge improvements over the former versions because during the developments of the sequels, Blizzard was a growing company and many of the employees stayed the same. However, after the release of Warcraft III and WoW, a lot of the key employees left, which is why Blizzard really hasn't done anything within the past few years. I don't even know if the two key artists, Samwise Didier and Chris Metzen (who are my personal heroes), are still with them. The announcement of Starcraft II is big news for the relatively small company, and hopefully they can do it right.

As for Diablo III, Blizzard might end up announcing it but it will be a long time before we actually get to play it, several several years. I remember receiving brochures about Warcraft III about five years before the game actually came out. And as big a fan I was of Diablo II, I really can't see where Blizzard can go with a sequel...and I do NOT want something similar to WoW or Guild Wars.
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Originally Posted by splaz View Post
I don't know... back in the days me and a mate played broodwars 2 vs 1 against a comp. zerg. Him protoss, me terran.

We could never beat the endless waves. I remember most of the time I uprooted my base and shifted it, I'd be able to shift it a few times before the inevitable.

Anyway I loved it, but for someone that might have played it recently, as far as I can remember wasn't the story thought the zerg had pretty much wiped out the protoss, survivors went to the dark templars planet.

The terrans I thought were also pretty stuffed.

Anyone remember the story ?
I used to play with a friend against six computers. That was always fun. All you have to do really is rush really fast to get stationary defences, then tech up to your best units and mass them. It's quite easy once you can survive the first one or two waves. It's definitely easy to keep up with them once you get going if you know what to do. Sometimes the zerg computers send an incredibly quick rush though
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I can't wait!! It looks a lot more complicated though...
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more complicated

looks too cartoony for my likings
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Remember that Blizzard have a huge interest in keeping things scaleable for PC's that are several years old even at the release date. This is how they've gotten huge market shares with every game they've released. I'd expect SCII to be playable on my 9800pro, won't be pretty but it'll be playable.
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I've never even played Starcraft I... Everyone says its good. Maybe I should pick it up....
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Blizzard has been moving in a direction I do not like (see WC3, WoW) and if SC2 follows it at all I will not be playing it. Yes I am talking about the goofy graphical style of the 3d models. How can I get into a game that I just want to mock when I look at it?
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I have a bad feeling that this time, swarms of lurkers will choke my PC to death.
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Originally Posted by fraseyboy View Post
I've never even played Starcraft I... Everyone says its good. Maybe I should pick it up....
Welcome to Starcraft. Sorry about your Grades (and time).

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Originally Posted by virometal View Post
Me too! Man, when are we going to get that?

The pics look good. Is the announcement day going to be a national holiday in South Korea?

I wish I were Blizzard. Does that company make mistakes?
Yes they make mistakes, they take their time, but all in all they make boatloads of money they better come out with a dam good and BALANCED game.

Honestly i was hoping deep down inside for another Diablo with SAFE and if possible HACK FREE closed servers. Diablo 2 was one of the best games i played in my entire life along side FF7, Starcraft, and Counter Strike.

Wow was as good but different...wow was too much of a time sink, there was too much scheduling that needed to be done because of wow, and because of that i dont rate it too high in terms of flexibility.Whilst i could spent plenty of time on D2, i didnt need to get on regularly on a wed thurs and friday night at XXX time for the raid etc etc
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It brings back memories about 99% of my B-Net games where I'm destroyed by a Korean guy while I'm still trying to find where the heck the pylons are in the build menu.


Can't wait
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Build menu? What's that?

Always use hotkeys for everything.
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Pylons are b - p hotkey if I remember correctly.
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Originally Posted by fraseyboy View Post
Heads up for all Starcraft fans, Starcraft II has finally been announced officially! Check it out here http://www.starcraft2.com/
i didnt even finish off the aliens in c and c 3 and now we got more enemies?

human race shld make some friends u know
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