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I use the zoom end of a camera more then the wide end, but i want to see for myself if 28mm is enough. (for the moment, as i probably shall look for something like a 16-35 or whatever when i have enough money)
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Originally Posted by Wmcmanus View Post
I picked up the 30D (and carefully avoided picking up the 5D since they said they were one of very few Best Buy stores that even sold them). It felt good in my hands and I liked the 5fps capability, so I bought one.

I figured that the 5D would be over my head for now, but I could always grow into it with time, by which time it should be much cheaper in the used market.

I need to get a small videocamera to mount on the Atom's rollbar as well, which can be used in conjunction with a data acquisition system such as Traqmate: http://www.traqmate.com/products_complete.php to improve my driving performance. Yet another fun hobby!
Nice score on the 30D. Which kit lens did you end up getting with it? The 30D and 5D are nearly the same camera. They just perform differently. I doubt the 5D will drop in price as long as there is no replacement model. It's unique and in high demand. I suggest figuring out how you'd like to take photos (what distances, in the day/night) and then choosing your lens from that.

It's hard to be in so many hobbies. Did you receive the Atom yet? What a unique thing that Traqmate is. I suggest some flash based camera with optical image stabilization. I don't think a drive based system would work well in the long run inside a moving vehicle. There's too many bumps.
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Originally Posted by lan View Post
Xeno7651, whether a body is worth it to you really depends on what features really matter to you and comfort. Is there something that was lacking about the Digital Rebel in which you want more of? Have you out grown it? Pretty much all modern DSLRs are better than that since they have more controls and better performance. Anything would really be an upgrade.

You can't also forget that the more lenses you have and the better quality they are, you are better off as opposed to having a more expensive body (if you cannot make use of it).
The main reason I'm looking for a new camera is to see what the newer cameras has to offer. I like the Canon for its feature set and user friendliness. The comfort is there and the picture quality is great. So far I'm leaning towards a 30D, but I'm gonna dig around some more. Thanks for the info.
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