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Just the usual... 5mW + 5 mW output, Dolby B+C, 20-18,000Hz EX Amorphous Head, full function remote, DBB Dynamic Bass Boost, NC-6WM rechargable battery, sterling silver plated, 350 EURO on eBay with a 750 EURO Buy It Now...
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You're right about those Aiwa's. I had one that my son gave me years ago. Great player but they don't last too long when you drop them on concrete from about 6 feet!

Nice! Good to hear from another BOODO KHAN owner. The headphones aren't anywhere near as quality as the player itself. Mine is still going like new but the headphones were junk. They literally fell apart after a couple years. Like I said before, the best thing about them is the thick cord.

As always, thanks for the great pics! I wonder what happened to my red ribbon and display card for my WM-701S? I still have the box though. Wow! "Buy it now" for $825! Gee, I'd take $500.00 right now for mine!
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Oh I forgot to post the auction, if anyone is interested here you go... hehe

I treat eBay like I go window shopping now LOL!


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In case anybody's interested, my silver plated WM-701S, 10th Anniversary Walkman is now on Ebay at a decent reserve price with all the extras, plus!

I had to "borrow" the gent's pictures from the German site where krazie got the pics he posted from because my old flat bed scanner won't take pics of super shiny objects. It's the exact same thing and like new. I hope the gent doesn't mind!
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I just got a 701S on ebay but it didn't come with a battery nor an adaptor. Does anyone know what battery this player uses and how does one go about charging it. I haven't been able to figure out of this thing uses an adaptor since there arent any of the usual adaptor holes. Any info on any of this would be greatly appreciated.
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This uses a charging pod to charge the gumstick battery (any of the Sony gumsticks is fine: NC-5WM, NC-6WM, NH-9WM, NH-14WM)... I don't recall the model numbers for their charging pods since they've made probably a dozen of them... You should be able to use the external AA battery case in the mean time...

Congrats on your purchase, the 701 and its half a dozen sister models sound absolutely amazing compare to anything else made afterwards... the only machine that supercedes these in sound from Sony is probably the DD9...

Hey would you mind telling me how much you bought it for? Just wondering...
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Thanks for the info Krazie. I noticed that someone had posted some info on the battery here, so I rushed over to bestbuy to find one. I found an energizer replacement for 19.99, but I settled on an audiophase portable cd player that came with two batteries and built-in charger for 39.99. I just got the player in today and am crossing my fingers that it works or is fixable. I still can't belive that I was able to get it for what I paid for, considering many of my fellow head-fiers window shop ebay just as I do. Here is the link on the ebay item....it actually is in alot better condition than the pictures posted....i'll keep you in suspense on the price until you check out the ebay listing.....

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Hi Pappucho,
I knew krayzie would jump in here and help out! Not a bad buy for $21.50! This was listed the same time as mine so I know what it went for. Mine went for considerably more, ($200.00 and not a bad price!), but it was mint with the original box and all the accessories. Yours was listed as not working. I also noticed it didn't come with any accessories except the headphone adapter. You'll have go by krayzie's part numbers and see if you can find the battery and charger which shouldn't be all that hard. Try Sony's website at www.sony.com. I've seen the batteries for about $13.00. I doubt if you'll find any adapters or accessories for it any longer unless you luck out but GOOD LUCK!

I just read your post above and I hope it works! Let us know.
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Hi Gene, Thanks for the info. I got the batteries charging now. I put the batteries partialy charged and it powered up but shut down shortly there-after. I'm hoping this is a good sign so far. I'll post a follow-up and before and after pictures on here once I get it cleaned up.
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Good for you! I'm hoping that sucker fires right up when the batteries are charged!

If it starts, let it run for a few minutes and don't try the REV/FF controls, just let it run on normal speed. Then, before you play a cassette, thoroughly clean and then demagnitize those heads! Good luck my friend!
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I don't know if krayzie, (though I'm sure he does!), and others remember these but I remembered I had them and thought I'd pull them out and post these pictures.

Sony Walkman "Outbacks". I think I got these around 1985-86. There were three of these in the series. The cassette/AM/FM Stereo player, the AM/FM Stereo player and the cassette/AM/FM Stereo "boombox". I had all three. They were advertised as "water and shock resistant". The boombox though was a POS. Low quality sound and lousy, weak amplifier with no volume. Everything was sealed EXCEPT the battery compartment. After a few sailing trips, salt water got into the battery compartment and destroyed the box.

I still have the AM/FM Stereo player and the AM/FM Stereo/cassette player which is what's in the picture, (I hope it comes out!).

The cassette player is the beefiest and sturdiest Walkman of ANY type I've ever seen. This is what Sony intended for these Outbacks! It is COMPLETELY sealed from water and has a "shockproof" armor that really works, (don't ask me how I know!). All this armor and waterproof protection comes at a price though. It is large for a Walkman but to me the extra size is worth it for how tough it is. It plays cassettes great and has good sound and the "Mega Bass" on these early ones were very good. The AM/FM part has good sensitivity. The beauty of this beast is that it has good sound but it will survive a beating!

Next is the AM/FM Stereo player. The build quality is better than the boombox but not as good as the cassette player. The beauty of this thing is that the amp is incredible! I'm sure it's the same one that's in the cassette player but in this little guy, it kicks ass!This little thing will power headphones that aren't made for portables!
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This is actually just a re-badged Sony Sports Walkman model as I recognize the design... I never liked these as I think they're bulky and weird looking hehe

Wow that 701S seems like it just came back from a safari lol! I think you can probably polish that sterling silver to shine again... Hey I would certainly try if I got this, probably replace the inside with my EX80 yea! Since the wording on the 701S are all engraved, you won't have to worry about rubbing off any lettering... I'm sure it can shine again aside from the scratches...

A good buy! Congrats!
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Interest check

I have been listening to my Boodo khan for a couple of weeks now, but I would rather get money towards a pair of W1000's. Are any of you guys interested?

Never underestimate the power of the cassette!
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It works! It was just a slipped band. Here is a pic of the inside of my player. Damn thing is loud though (the motor assembly makes alot of noise), is this normal or should it quiet down after running for awhile? My batteries died shortly after I reassembled it and I only got to hear it for a short while so I haven't been able to "experience" it quite yet..

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Oh you will need a new belt then... it's only a couple of bucks at Sony Parts... and no the drive system is very quiet during normal operations... you probably need grease up the gears too...

Yup it's loud alright, wait till you try Mega Bass level 2... BOOM BOOM BOOM like when MOAB blows!!!
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