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Same with me. I lived on Samoa in Arcata for a while with my old girlfriend that moved up there. I went to steal her back, I did, then we moved 50 miles east of Eugene in Mckenzie Bridge. That was '97. We are no longer together, and I am now engaged. I wholeheartedly agree that northern CA should be ABOVE Mendocino.
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Originally posted by Duncan
I've fallen out of touch with this thread a little

Has anyone owned up to owning a Sony WM-6DC yet??
i had a d6c when i was in prep school, now lost in the mists of time (actually i think my mom sold it at a garage sale while i was in college! ) i remember it was like a brick, but the fit and finish were first class. i have very fond memories of that walkman.

i still have my d3 though.
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The amazing AIWA HS-JX707 in color!
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whoa...nice pics krayzie.

imagine that to be gold. that's my jx909. ebay hunters...you better look out for these players. they will blow most of your cd players and md's away.
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Your JX-909 must be a piece of art.... I used to drool at the store for a goldish player....I wish...I get my hand on one of this super cassetter.

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hi purk!

exactly. to my knowledge, the best sounding cassette walkman is redshifter's dd9. next are these aiwas: jx3000/jx909/jx707 which if you'll check em, are identical except that the 3000 anniversary model, the 909 the twin and the 707 the jet black trim. i also heard that krayzie's px1000 has the same amp and sound qualities that these aiwa posses sans the voice navigator. the boodo khan follows closely.

and boy oh boy, the sound of my 909 just pisses on all md mdlp units imo. the aiwa has 20mW per channel that i can't even get past half the volume dial. i'll be waiting how the d303 would stand out here. i know it'll be oranges and apples but sometimes the colored sound of analog is just much more richer (vinyl anyone?) than the accurate and clean digital sound. kinda like analytical v6 versus smooth d66.

these portables are the closest thing to cassette heaven as we used to know.

analog days of glee,
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Originally posted by JiPi
Hey, I got a Sony WM-FX43 .. Was wondering if anybody knew
in what year it was made and if it's any good. Just found it in an
old drawer
I have one too. It came out in '94 or '95. I bought it brand new at Incredible Universe (Tandy corp.) for about $70. It was the top of the line Sony casette walkman for it's year, that's why I got it.

It had an issue where only one channel worked in tape mode, but it fixed itself. I like the fact that it has a AC input, I don't think the newer ones do.

It must be pretty rare because I've never seen it on eBay.

I've still got the box/packaging and the POS headphones that came with it.
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Here's a rare one that's on eBay right now. I won't post a link to the auction because there's probably some people here that are bidding on it that would be irritated (I know I would).

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stop it, you guys... especially krayzie and tina! i was perfectly happy wth my J707, JX707, and EX2 until i came here! now i read about boodo khans and DD9s and it makes me want to start collecting again.

hey krayzie, nice pics of the JX707. is it yours? did your PX1000 and E484 come yet? i'd love to see some pick of the PX1000... drool...

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LOL!!! We're so evil!!!

No those JX707 pics are from an eBay auction I found the other day...

And no, my stuff seems to be still in the middle of the ocean so I have no idea when they would finally come, I hope they would make it here by summer.... hehe

Yup, thanks to us the DD9 along with the high-end antique Aiwas have all just doubled their value!
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Just joined your group. Here's some pictures of my Boodo Khan setup that I got new back during my years as a Sony audio/video dealer ('67 - mid-80's). Headphones are in great shape except I need to find pads and foam. I've used it mostly through the preamp of an Advent 300 receiver with SR-60's.

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What About Panasonic?

I notice nobody really mentioned Panasonic! They made some great walkman models also, especially with the XBS.

Around 1989/1990, I remember owning a great Panasonic walkman that I till remenisce about till this day. I don't remember the model number, but it had black metal body, rounded curves, 2-step XBS - and it used the flat rechargeable batteries, not the AA. It produced great sound and with the first leel of XBS was clear as a bell with bass like you were in a club. Level 2 of the XBS was distortion city though. Stiil, what an awesome piece!

In reading this thread, it reminded me how lame the portables of today are. I had one of the top-end Yellow Sony sports walkman models that was 7 yrs old, and only died this past year. IIt survived major usage and battery, Even to the end, the sound was incredible, far more punch and warmth that than the SonyMZ-R900 minidisc that I replaced it with.

We have better features with these digital portables, but the sound quality today is lame, lame lame...
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Speaking of Panasonics, I have a vintage one, the RX-SA60. It came out in '88. Nothing special, very basic.
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Sony Walkman WM-701S 10th Anniversary Special Edition Limited 2000 pcs.

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but i think the headphone jack turned me away on that one. i hate adapters. but whoa. those are surely for collectors like you and yang. and you need to wear shades with those during summer.

any specs available?
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