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Gene, It seems you love the player and you say it sounds awesome. You are also asking what better headphones to use with it. Why would you be selling it then? Because you only use the Boodo Khan?
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Hey Gene,

If you ever gonna sell the WM-701S, let me know... hehe then my collection would be perfect! You can take both of my MZ-R90 and D-777 I don't care!!! I'm serious LOL!

Sorry to disappoint you but the WM-701S is the WM-701C is every aspect except for the body... even the contacts on both are the same, no doubt about it I'm pretty sure from what I read long ago...

Modern earphones? Maybe try a pair of MDR-E888LP and see if it'll improve things... Purk wouldn't agree as he thinks the stock earphones that came with machines from that era would smoke the 888 by more than a mile... The 888 is the best earphone Sony has to offer nowadays, and that is already an 8-year old design...

The Boodo Khan probably came with some MDR-V1/2/3 headphones from what I can see in the pics... If you want more metal parts construction you may want to try and get a pair of MDR-V6 or MDR-7506...

On a side note, I just got the earpads replaced on my V7, same as the V6 and 7056 pads... but not the hanger... Dammit I have to wait another week to get that now, and $15 more... sigh...

I wish mine is this new... Nice pics I found nevertheless...
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So speaking in sound quality, what are the differences of the Boodo Khan, WM-701x, WM-EX 2/1? Which is the best soundoing player?
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The chronological Walkman site. No Boodo Khan though.
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I really like them both but I use the BOODO KHAN more. The WM-701S is just too darn small and slippery and besides, that sterling silver plating starts oxidizing after just a couple of days of handling. Of course it comes right back to a mirror finish with a mild polishing, (I use "Flitz"), but it's sort of a hassle. Like I said, I DON'T want to drop the darn thing! The BOODO KHAN has a thin leather case and it takes all the abuse not the actual player. You can access all the buttons through a vinyl window built into the case. The actual player looks like new because of the case. I sure wish everything still came in cases! Anyway, the 701S has slightly "crisper" highs. They're both about equal in bass.

Thanks for the info. I know what a D-777 is but I'm not sure about a MZ-R90. I'm assuming it's a mini disc player. I know next to nothing about MD's. Heck, I don't know that much about PCDP's! I will say that the one's I've tried, I prefer listening to my cassette Walkman's! You never know krayzie, I may trade you!
I also have a like new D-5, (Sony's FIRST PCDP), with the original C cell docking station and a new in case Sony D-88 PCDP. This is the mini-mini player that was originally made to play those little 3" CD's and regular CD's. I'd trade them all for something interesting!
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What's your best sounding cassette player? Do you think Aiwa is better than Sony. I used to love those BBE system. They just sound darn good. Get the 484?

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I would say that DD9 should sound the best in his collection-well, it's just my guess. The Sony WM-DD9 is designed to be audiophile wannabe player. Besides, DD9 evolves from previous DD series so it should reach some point that is close to that audiophile quality. You can search on WM-DD* on eBay-Germany site and you'll see many models that you don't recognize there.

I think for this time, the only thing that is closely resembled to those high end walkman player is the MD player. Most MD player still have an attractive design and build quality like the walkman. Sadly,this case is not applied to most CD player on the market.

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I'm crossing my fingers for the 484 to arrive tomorrow... rumor has it that it's going to be -30C up here tomorrow so I'll be at home waiting patiently while I work LOL!

I can't make judgement on what is the best... as most of you guys know, specs has little meaning once you get to hear the real thing... Anyhow, once I get the 484 and if that comes out to be better than the D9, then the above theory is half proven...

If Yang would come visit me sometime in the soon future and we do an A/B with both the PX1000 and DD9 and the DD9 comes out on top, then the above theory is 90% proven LOL!

Well I'm a Sony head so I can be a bit biased...

The current batch of MD being close to the old quality tape players? Maybe... but remember why PCDP and Tape Players got so bad nowadays... it's all because of mass market acceptance... once the market share start to spike high, you see a decline in quality... think about it... makes sense to me... MD would wind down with the same fate soon so hold on to your machines now...

Look at the new memory stick walkmans from Sony, looks stunning eh? why? cuz... it's so unpopular with the masses...
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All accessories included.
Can anybody tell me how to post the pic itself??
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hey krayzie, did your E484 come yet? i hope they're not delayed because of the blizzard.

hey guys. if anyone want to see anymore photos of various stuff, take a look at my new yahoo photo album:


just click on toys...

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I've fallen out of touch with this thread a little

Has anyone owned up to owning a Sony WM-6DC yet??
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Hey Gene, what is EXTREME Northern California? I lived in the Extreme California once.
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Here is an Aiwa HS-PX1000 for auction on eBay...


And found the following pics:

So replace the belt and that machine should be fine... again this is not mine...
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Interesting on the BOODO KHAN in your link to Eboy! What a great deal! Mine didn't come with what looks like a "belt holder" in the photo. I paid much more than that for mine used, ($150.00 as apposed to $299.99 new), way back in 1986!

When I say "extreme Northern Calif.", I mean that I'm way up on top of the state about 45 miles from the Oregon border. I get a kick out of folks from the San Francisco Bay area that say their from "Northern Calif." when it's actually more like "Central Calif.". Where up here did you live?
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