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How ironic that I was listening to "Where Eagles Dare" when I opened this message
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If anybody has this, I'll trade them with my MD LOL!
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Originally posted by bong
ha ha gloco! i took you cue and whipped out my WM-EX2 and listened to my cassette version of "Live After Death" the other day and listened to it on mt MDR-7506. you're right, it sounds really good!

have you tried listening to "A Real Live One" and "A Real Dead One" with your 7506's? it sounds really good, its not harsh at all but sounds really warm. i love how cool it sounds when Steve Harris' plucks madly away on his bass.
hehe, i haven't picked up a real live one or a real dead one, based on the reviews on amazon regarding sound quality, i avoided both of them. I wish i saved some of my high bias and metal bias recordings i had so i give those a listen. If only i had the patience of waiting for a cd>cassette recording i'd probably hook up my cassette deck again and buy some blanks. I think i may need to replace the motor on my walkman though, it sounds worn when fast forwarding or rewinding a tape.
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hehe, i was referring to the CD versions of the both live discs anyways... the sound quality on the "Dead" one is really good. yeah, you can tell tell the tracks are from different shows, but its nice to hear Brucie sing a lot of the Di'Anno songs.

how many Maiden fans are on this forum? up the Irons!

hey krayzie, that gold JX707 looks great! i would've bought one in an instant had i seen one in gold at the time.

yang, have you figured how to load you pics of your JX707? i dunno about Yahoo photos, but i know geocities would not let you show pics that are not on geocities sites. i'd love to see those pics!

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Never figured out yahoo, so hopefully this works; if not, I will try geocities.

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Hey, I got a Sony WM-FX43 .. Was wondering if anybody knew
in what year it was made and if it's any good. Just found it in an
old drawer
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Hey Yang those are very sweet pics... Damn the HP-D9 and WM-DD9 setup must be kicking some serious butt!!!

Hey if you want to sell that HS-JX707 can you reserve it for me please, cuz I want to get one once I have more dough...
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Why did you contact me earlier? Just sold the JX707 2hrs ago for $95. But if you ever look for one, go to Ebay Germany. One shows up there every 2 weeks for $60-100. That's how I got mine (No, I can't speak a word in German, but of the 5 items I bid from Germany, each seller knew pretty good English. I don't know if I was lucky, they got a local translator or what, but I think you won't have much of a problem)

The DD9 is just better at playback and the AA or gumstick is really convinient (and last longer than rechargeables in JX707). If you are really want top sound, go for a DD9. They are about the same price, and with a good home deck for recording, the DD9 is the better choice to me.
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Wow $95USD?!? good for you Yang!!! I didn't know the HS-JX707 has such high resell value... at that price I would try to score a WM-DD9 then...

I just realize how crappy my whole portable collection is, none of the machines I have are absolute top-notch, all just mid-end crap... maybe I should sell everything and just get a WM-DD9 and a D-Z555, and a pair of 484 to go with them...
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Yang and Krayzie,
Thanks for those pretty pics. Which of the golds player sound better? Is that the JX-3000 that you posted, Krayzie? I would love to hear the DD9 and JX3000. They look so cool. I really wonder how do they sound. I remember that these portable cassette player sounds fantastic. Oh well, I have too many discman at the moment.

Anyway, during my vacation in Thailand, I found so many of a highend cassette player. Sadly, I didn't stop and listen. I think I'll be fine with my beloved md player (Sharp MD-SS323).

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I guess the JX-3000 which is the picture of the entire set that I posted, should sound better since it's a newer model and hence more refined?

Yeah these machines are sick! Once you get one, there might be a chance that you'll dump some of your Discmans... but your MDs for sure!
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For one thing, I won't dump my Sharp MD-SS323 for anything for sure. Oh well, I used to dump my old Panasonic PCDP for a smaller Aiwa JS609, but during that time...I prefer compact to sound quality. Sharp MD-SS323 gives me everything I can ask for in a portable music device.

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This the Sony WM-EX2HG for the European market only. I got this coming in a week's time... mmmuuuhhhaaa! I've finally collected all the Sony HG Chrome machines... but dead broke...
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hey krayzie! YOU ARE CRAZY! haha... so this totals your total walkman count to... what, 56?

WOW, i'm so jealous. my black EX2 looks so conventional compared to that HG version. had i known at the time they had a chrome plated version, i would've bought it in a heartbeat.

i was considering selling my Aiwa HS-JX707D at one time, but i couldn't do it. it has so much sentimental value, even though i don't use it anymore. i'm such a romantic!

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Well I never knew there's a chrome version of this till last year... but look at it this way, black color machines are getting rare these days... even the hippie looking machines are much more common...

Hey my collection is more like 8, not 56... I wish! LOL!
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