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Originally posted by Pappucho
Unfortunately I have fallen victim to collecting vintage walkmans and my budget for a turntable has shrunk. Among the ones I have acquired have been.... 701S, F702, EX1HG, EX2HG, EX80, EX5, DD9, DD100, WM-2, WM-10 just to name a few (and these are just the analog players...lol).
this thread demands you to post a few notes on how you'll rank your analog babies. so you owned a dd9 before? Pappucho, you're one mean analog predator.
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Hi Gene-thanks to all the help here I got the 701s to work as new. It even has an incredibly nice shine. It's hard to believe I got it on Ebay for 20 bucks! How do you compare the sound of the Boodo Kahn to the 701s?

Hi Tina-As soon as I get some decent recorded analog material I will post my impressions of all the walkmans I've picked up. The DD9 I mention above is still on it's way to me.
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Man, that's great! I almost bid on that one myself as I had never seen another one on Ebay except on the European sites and especially at that "giveaway" price. Of course I sold my like new one at the same time you got yours and a gent from Japan bought it for $200.00.

I like my Boodo Khan better than I did the 701S, (though it's very good), and to my ears, it sounds better. It's larger and heavier but I like the fact that it's gear driven with no rubber bands, (drive belts), to crack and break. I've used it continually since I got it in 1986 and it's been reliable as a rock. Try some other phones on it though because the stockers that came with it are okay but newer phones improve the sound quality immensely. Let us know what you think about the Boodo Khan and let me know if you find one of those Solar Walkmans. That DD9 looks fabulous! Dolby C and all the works!

Pappucho, Tina and Krayzie,
Stupid question but I remember when ceramic heads came out and were all the rage because of their supposed extra durability. What's the "quartz" equation? Does that refer to the headphones or what?
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Humm I have no idea lol! Quartz has something to do with getting accurate playback speed I think...

Argh I went all over Downtown Toronto today and found just one bulk tape eraser (Audiolab TD-1B for $40CAD) and it still can't erase my Sony SMM right... argh so pissed off! Turns out that I would need something like a $800USD tape degausser to do the job... ah that sucks! I can't get new SMMs anymore and I wanna reused my old tapes...

Analog is $$$ even for tapes!!!
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The quartz reference, I believe, refers to the DD line of sony walkmans that utilize quartz to maintain an accurate tape speed, somewhat similar to how a watch would use quartz to keep accurate time. I wonder if the boodo kahn utilizes quartz?. By the way, it still hasn't gotten here, nor the DD-9.....damn....
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quartz reference

Pappucho hit the nail on the coffin there. sometime after sony introduced the "quartz locked direct drive" feature on their es decks, engineers started to form the dd (direct drive) line of their cassette portables. sony's quartz locked direct drive capstan motor ensures rock-steady tape speed and maintains tape-tension consistency. this feature is also responsible for fiurther reducing wow and flutter to incredibly low figures.

i wonder how does this connect when technics first introduced their quartz synthesizer direct drive turntables late seventies.
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Thanks for the info! Makes me want to try one myself. The Boodo Khan doesn't have it but with the direct gear drive it's rock solid.
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Hey Gene, this may make you consider sellling your boodo khan....


732.00 US$, incredible! I just got mine, Mint with Original working headphones for a little over 200.00, this auction makes me want to put them back on the market. Or how about this EX-5.....


305.00 US$. I just picked up two for around 70US$ each, so I may put one on Ebay to pick up some extra cash for a better set of cans....I am stunned by what prices these things are fetching on Ebay....well, I left on Vacation over a week ago and I am hoping the DD9 arrived while I am away...I am in sunny Florida with the kids (see avatar) and won't get back till the end of the week. I'll post some impressions as soon as I can set up the RX-202 I should have waiting for me at home to make some analog recordings...=-
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Wow.....that's some serious cash for a cassette players. Are they really that good? Wow...I'm stunned..
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Well, I can't say how good they are just yet. I have yet to make a single decent analog recording because I haven't put completed my "analog rig" just yet. But I have been collecting for a short while now and the Boodo Khan is the "holy grail" of cassette walkmans. There was an article in the New York times not too long ago about collectibles from the 80's and the Boodo Khan was touted as just that, the "Holy Grail" of such collectibles. There are a handfull of such collectors on ebay that are usually the ones bidding so high on these players. So I wouldn't say it is solely on "guality" but on the players collectibility that raises the price so much. Looking at the bid history you will find the same people tend to be "fighting" and driving the prices up. The EX-5 is a nice looking player, but I don't think it's that rare nor that good....so that one was odd. The 701S has been known to sell for around 400 US$ as well.
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Originally posted by Pappucho
But I have been collecting for a short while now and the Boodo Khan is the "holy grail" of cassette walkmans.
Pappucho, actually, according to chinese portable maniacs in some forums, they find your incoming dd9 to be of much better value in terms of features, mechanisms, and most of all, sound quality out of all the walkmans sony released. and they place the much older d6c 40mW(?) to be a close second. these are on sony portables. the dd9 seems to be in par with aiwa's anniversary model jx2000. in fact, even upto now, there's still arguments on which of these two are better from aiwa and sony fanatics. that's just what i've learned. although the dd100 (boodo khan) is also well respected when mentioned. just not that "up there" with the older ones. and sony didn't use their "quartz" tech on it.

anyway, i can't wait for you to get your toys and see for yourself.
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Hello Tina, based on my readings I agree completely with you regarding the DD9 superiority to all other sony walkmans. But on collectibility value alone, and not based on actual sound quality, I think the Boodo Khan fetches a higher bid on Ebay than any other sony walkman including the DD9. The last one (DD9) auctioned on Ebay went for around 77 Euros...


Here's a heads up to another DD9 on ebay if anyone's interested.....Hope I didn't spoil this for anyone, but no one's bid yet so I'm hoping I didn't....

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hey.. does anyone have a pic of THE first EVER cassette player?
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Aiwa HS-JX2000 and HS-JX505

If any of you should find a working or repairable remote/mic/headphone set for either of the above units, you would help me get my units going again, for which I would be most grateful. Thanks
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My third, last and best ever cassette walkman was the WM-EX672. This thing looked pretty slick and comparable to some modern HD players, both in terms of style and size. It also came with some semi canal earbuds, which when used in conjuction with a well recorded tape and 'revive' sound setting, actually sounded quite good. I can't take any pictures of it as I seriously don't know where it is (maybe in the loft?), but this was the best pic I could find.

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