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Good news! Boy, is that an EASY belt to replace. A lot of them are buried under tons of stuff and are a bitch to get at. As krayzie said, there should not be any noise. I would disassemble it again and REPLACE the belt. If it slipped, it will probably break soon. Clean and demagnitize those heads! That will quiet it down also.
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Yeah Sony designs are very repair friendly, unlike dumb Aiwas, hide the entire belt assembly under a circuit board that is soldered onto the motor, I mean now that's a stupid design...

Most of the time you do not need to grease up the gears, but it does help wearing down the belt slower... I've fixed my WM-EX5 just by greasing the gears without having to replace the drive belt unlike what I did with my WM-EX808HG, but it was just 5 bucks CDN... I might as well order a belt for my WM-EX5 soon before parts run out...
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I finally got it to work without any noise. There is a certain screw on the inside where the tape goes that when screwed in neither of the spindles move and when they do move there is alot of noise. It appears to me that the screw function somewhat like the shipping screw some items have to keep it's internal parts from moving during shipment. I may be wrong, but without the screw in place the tape player is quiet as hell, can't even tell it's on. The belt is loose though, as the tape playing sounds a bit slow. Krayzie or Gene--could you point out which part on partsolver.com is the belt? There are alot of parts here, and Im not sure which to order....


And here is the player after a decent cleaning....

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Damn! That thing looks like new now!!! ARGH!!! hehe I'm jealous...

Humm, there is only one belt... Just pick Sony and type in WM-701C for the model number and click search on partsolver.
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I checked all the WM-701 models and parts but I could not find a single drive belt listed anywhere. There's got to be a generic belt somewhere!
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This one?

There is only one belt in a Sony Walkman most of the time (except for the DD9 which has 2)...
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Originally posted by krayzie
Argh! my seller just found my mailed money today at the bottom of his mailbox... like wtf so I won't get my 484 till next week now...

Nice pic Gene, wow you probably got the most expensive and rare Walkman on the board... good for you!

So how does the Boodo Khan sound Gene compare to Mega Bass?!?

Here's that Japanese site: http://www.people.or.jp/%7Esuperotacky/index.html/

I read somewhere long ago that there's only 2000 WM-701S in the world, and most of them were given out to superstar singers at some ceremony... probably to Sony Music singers to celerbrate the 10th Anniversary of the Walkman... others were sold off stores around NYC... It's not supposed to be a retail item.
krayzie, are you positive on "only 2000 units made"?
I heard somewhere it was "only 200 units made"...
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It's 2000 since I've seen pictures of a red ribbon that goes inside the box at the corner... You should ask Gene who actually owned one before he sold it a short while ago...
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Good question sony_md!
I posted in this thread that there were very few of these made. I took krayzie's recommendation that there were 2000 of these WM-701S's made. He posted pics from a German Eboyoboy site that had one of these for sale. The pic DOES STATE 2000 pieces!

krayzie is right in that I just sold a mint one with all accessories on Ebay for $200.00. The red ribbon on mine only stated it was the 10th anniversary Walkman and silverplated. I believe that there WERE 2,000 pieces made WORLDWIDE. I also believe, (since MY red ribbon mentioned NOTHING about pieces made), that there WERE 200 made for USA CONSUMPTION!

Believe it or not, we here in the U.S. and Canada are in the MINORITY in WORLDWIDE sales of Japanese products and this includes different models with different configurations. Just goes to show that something you think is rare, may have been made by the THOUSANDS in another country or third world.
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I have WM-FX70, with radio built in.
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i was looking at the um walkman museum thing and saw a pair of headphones that looked familar and remembered that i found a par of those im my garage. i dont know how thay got their but it doest matter anyway cause one channel did not work and a "dismembred" them for parts. i wonder if the WM-2 that thay came with is still in my garqage.
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Yeah baby... Who wants to join Team Quartz Ceramic!?!?! Mmmuuuhhhaaa!!!!!!

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I thought that I'm the first member of the ceramic team. Bow to Sony MDR-E484.

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I'm already recruiting two members to join Team Quartz Ceramic... lol! Hey Purk, too bad you don't like tapes eh... or else you should go grab a DD9 Walkman...
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We Have A Team!!! (?)

make that three members now. wow, krayzie, this could be a team not everybody can get into. think of the rareness of this synergy: MDR-E484 + WM-DD9. but whoever can get or hear these would be pissin on their pants. redshifter, hope you get your dd9 revived, sir. guys, if you can join the team, you'll be hearing the magic of analog.

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