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Legendary Portable Cassette Players Gallery

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Pure inspiration from the PDCP thread and idea from bong... Too bad I don't have a digicam but I'll start looking for pics on the net for this thread... everybody else is welcomed to post pics to make this another interesting thread...

The following is my current collection:
Sony WM-EX808HG
Sony WM-EX5
Sony WM-EX20
Sony WM-EX80

Okay let the games begin!!!
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The 1994 15th Anniversary Sony Walkman WM-EX1, with warm clear sound and out of this world vertical tape loading mechanism designed by Takashi Sogabe.

The amazing WM-EX1HG is the chrome edition at the lower right corner.

The 1993 Sony WM-EX808HG chrome "Pingu" Walkman, built like a tank with thick armor and heavy too!

The 1996 Company 50th Anniversary Sony Walkman WM-EX5, with a half mirror on the casing and EL backlit remote.

The 1990 Sony WM-EX80 1st LCD Remote Walkman, based on the 10th Anniversary design of the WM-701C.

The 1999 20th Anniversary International Sony Walkman Model with stainless steel casing, with SRS Labs Surround Headphone technology incorporated into Mega Bass to create Mega Surround Sound.
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Did you buy those Walkman's in Canada? I don't recall seeing a single one of them.

Then again, I stopped using cassettes around 92 or 93 so I suppose I could have easily not noticed.
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Very sweet indeed...too bad tapes are on their way out. I have two fancy Sony japanese walkmans, if you want pics, let me know.
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I have a WM AF64/BF64 walkman. I don't know why their is two model numbers on it.
It is very old. I have dropped it and even broke the hinge, but it still works fine. I like the three presets for FM radio. I remember using this in the mid 80's at work.
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I had this in high school.
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Except the EX808HG and the EX80 which I bought from another country, the rest were available in Toronto at one time or the other... usually at one or two branches of the Sony Store or Camera Place downtown...

AF64/BF64?!? My first Walkman was AF604/BF604 from 1989 with a manual radio and it lasted 9 years before it no longer works...

I think tapes is a pretty good medium if you have the right equipment... like a tape deck that can handle high-end metal tapes and a Walkman that can produce great sound, this combination should be very competitive to MD in terms of sound quality.

Hey how about posting pics here, that would be cool!!! Thanks!
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Some of those Walkman's look pretty nice!
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hey krayzie! i wanted to start this but i didn't have the time...

anyways, here's some goodies from my collection over the years. i have more but i can't find them at the moment...

here's an original Sony Walkman WM-2 that i have in storage. i think it once belonged to my father. unfortunately, it odesn't work anymore!

this was my brother's very first walkman, the WM-F28. pictured is the original box and manual, but i can't seem to find the unit! it was nice to have Dolby NR and a three band equalizer.

the Aiwa, HS-T900. i think it was the top-of-the-line portable cassette player with AM/FM receiver at the time. it has10 radio presets, DSL bass, Dolby B NR, and a gumstick battery that charges in 15 minutes.

more to come...
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the Aiwa HS-J707. a generation after the HS-T900, it has the same features as the T900 (also built on the same chassis), but adds recording features and a built-in speaker which was pretty much useless...

ahhh... my awesome Aiwa HS-JX707D. for portable cassette units, this was the ultimate! 30 station presets (including TV band), Dolby B and C NR, BBE sound processing, Voice Navigation (a synthesized female voice will tell you what button you've just pressed, very handy controlling your unit in your pocket), full function remote control, DSL bass, recording functions, three way auto reverse, soft push logic buttons, small form factor (the size of a cassette case), 15 minute quick charge system, a battery side car that holds 2 AAA batteries), full metal body, the list just goes on and on... at this period in history, nothing touched Aiwa for portable cassette units, not Sony, not Panasonic, not Toshiba, nobody.

at the time when the cassette popularity was waning, i bought my last cassette unit, this Sony WM-EX2. i think it was one of those anniversary units. it has the the smallest form factor i've ever seen, a quick cassette eject system, track rewind and forward function with blank skip (something the Aiwa HS-JX707 lacked), Dolby B NR, full function remote, rechargable battery... it's still a very nice unit.

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here's some pics of some old brochures i have. sorry, they're just snapshots since i don't have a scanner...

Aiwa HS-JX707

Aiwa HS-J707

Aiwa HS-RX610 (i had this at one time...)

Aiwa HS-PX1000 (i should've gotten this when i had the chance)

Sony WM-GX90

Aiwa HS-JX849 (model that replaced the HS-JX707)

hope you had fun, i certainly did!
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Wow that HS-JX707 is sweet! When I was in elementary skool one guy I knew had a HS-JX3000 and it was so out of this world then... we used to nickname it the "gold brick".

When I was in high school a friend of mine had a HS-JX849, pretty good sounding and well built...

You know your WM-EX2, I had the exact same one for about 2 years before I sold it to help me get a WM-EX7... passed away 3 years later, R.I.P.

All the Walkman freaks back then had a pair of MDR-E484... awww I should have got this back then when it was still around...
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Nurts. I lost the pic I took for when I sold it on ebay, but I used to have the Sony dual well dubbing walkman from when it was new around 85 until last year. This is one almost no one's seen.
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Yep, that's it, but both doors were black on mine.

Funny thing was, the two decks ran at slightly different speeds.
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