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FS: Audio Technica ATH-W11JPN - SOLD

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After some serious deliberation I've decided to downsize my headphone setup and now that I've sold my MPX3 it's time to sell my Audio Technica ATH-W11JPN. These headphones were originally purchased from Overluge around a year and a half ago and have been lovingly cared for ever since. Cosmetically this is not a perfect pair due to some small blemishes on both cups but functionally they're perfect. I'm including some phones of the headphones in question but it's a bit difficult to get the blemishes to show up in the picture. To be perfectly honest they were like that when they came into my possession and in my eyes the blemishes are pretty subtle, I just want to be perfectly upfront going in.

After some flakey offers I've dedided to set a firm asking price of $625 shipped. For payment I can accept a cashier's check / money order or Paypal if the buyer is willing to cover the fees.

I think that just about covers everything but if you have any questions or offers feel free to contact me via PM or at nmculbreth@yahoo.com.

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pm sent
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I think these used to be mine. If so, they're VERY good sounding, and the blemishes are pretty minor.
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I should also mention that the original JPN pads have been replaced with a pair of leather W2002 pads.
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Sunday morning bump.
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