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Originally Posted by naamanf View Post
Nananananananananananan.....Oh just stop it already. I've had my order out for almost six months and still nothing. How do you guys end up with them so quick?
If you order the current official line-up, your order will be queued. But if you buy a Xin Reference now, I believe Dr Xin will send them fast but you will be one of the team of users that will act as "beta testers"
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No fair. Us SuperMicro-IV awaiters deserve our glory too
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Originally Posted by Raphael View Post
No fair. Us SuperMicro-IV awaiters deserve our glory too
I can see how this has happened.

1. He wanted to optimize the design for the Reference and finish it.
2. He sees how that optimization can improve the Supermicro designs.
3. He gets some of the Reference designs out there to get user response.
4. He begins to see positive user response.
5. He brings that optimization into the orders for the Supermicro that are in the que.
6. He builds the Supermicro
7. He ships the Supermicro
8. He gets so many new orders that he can never improve them again due to overwhelming response.

It is a good thing he did his homework first this time.
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This is my setup with the Reference

The two slabs of wood are to go on the sides of the phones.

I absolutely agrees with slwiser, this amp has no right to sound so good, but it does
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no updates lately ? does this mean everything is settled and ready to launch ?!
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I don't think so, from what I've read things still to be determined inclde (but are not limited to), what the default configuration will be, what size capacitor to use (it seems that there are benefits and drawbacks to each cap), among other things.
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So...I have a Zen Xtra, which, AFAIK, does not have support for a dedicated line-out. What would you think if I just used the amp out of a standard headphone jack? Or is it not even worth the bother? I have Grado SR-80, thinking about upgrading to 225. Or getting a DT990. Or both.
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Not worth it unless there's a dedicated line-out. The signal has already been degraded.
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Yes the signal has been degraded but the greater driving power etc. of an amp might still make it worth it (not that I am speaking from experience as all my sources have line out) just run the source with about 3/4 of full volume and use the amp volume to do the final adjustment.
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Some players have really good headphone-outs that justify an amp. Besides, if the Reference is anything like the Supermicro you'll be upgrading your source and headphones around it in no time.
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I suppose it can depend on how good your internal amp is. But generic mp3 players, i.e. iPods have terrible headphone amps. I have tried amping it from the headphone out, and there is very little difference. It's especially not noticeable in a portable environment.
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Hi all,

I have some questions I would appreciate some answers to:

How would the Reference drive a demanding phone like the AKG K601?

What's the gain like? High? Low?

Is there an option of a separate power supply/ac adapter? I want to use this as a home amp.

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I'm sure the Reference would be more than capable.
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There aren't any optional power supplies. I don't know how well it would power the K601's but the sound is insanely good and I don't have the final version. The bass is . . . well everything is there. Gain is about normal, I guess around 3 or a little more, maybe 5.
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It powers my K340 just fine with the volume dial at between 1 and 3 o'clock.
No external power supply but in runs >200 hours on a set of 4 alkaline AAA's.
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