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New Xin Reference Amp by Dr. Xin !!! - Page 22

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thanks vorlon, great job
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Just got the new RE board, sounding fantastic out of the box
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Originally Posted by goto2003 View Post
Just got the new RE board, sounding fantastic out of the box
How is it compared to the Supermini and Supermicro?
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Wow Vorlon1, thanks for putting in all that effort for us. I'll load it up on my iMod as soon as I can.
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New Board

Mrarroyo came by my office this afternoon and installed the new board in the Reference. We listened for a bit and I can say that in my opinion this version sounds better than the first one, and that is with no burn-in. It is detailed and clear like the first version but the sounds are not as "hard" and it has some of the suave and musical qualities of the micro while having the overall more powerful and detailed character of the first model. I recorded the same 3 cuts from this unit as in my other amp posting and I will be uploading them when I get home tonight, so you will be able to get some idea of how this amp sounds fresh out of the box with no burn-in. Mrarroyo may bring the amp over on Saturday and I will make another recording of how the unit sounds after burning-in until then.
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Excellent way to help us share the differences, my compliments!
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Originally Posted by vorlon1 View Post
I'm uploading a zip file called amps.zip. Let me know if it works. Give it about 4 minutes to finish uploading.
Perfect. Thanks!
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The amp after just 4 hours or so is a clear improvement over the Beta and in many facets over the Supermicro IV. However it needs to burn in so the full effects of the 15,000 uF cap can be determined.

BTW, Vorlon1 will be getting a brand new Reference Xin shortly. He could not believe it when I told him.
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How long will it be so that I can order one of the Xin Reference units?
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After a whole night's burn-in, RE is already a winner over Micro. IMHO, it has almost all virtues of Micro yet have an overall warmer, more tube-like, bigger, and more powerful presentation.
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Gahh, but it's so big! Must resist... I placed my order in early May, so I've got some time to kill till it gets here anyway. Can't wait to hear the impressions of the fully burnt in Reference amp with the new board! People have joyed about the perfect synergy between the ER-4S and the SMIV, so this will be quite the battle.
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New Board Files

Here is the file with the same recordings (Bach, Krall, and Cassidy) recorded with the Reference with the new board. I think the difference between the new and old is quite clear, even heard this way, and with no burn-in.. I wonder what other people think? http://vorlon1.com/newboard.zip
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how does the new board sound compared to the micro?
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Please see posts #320 and #325.
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Thanks for the new board samples. Here are early initial impressions. On the Bach sample the solo violin parts sounds wonderful on the new reference beating all the others. However, on the Krall sample the bass is definitely muddier compared to the other amps. Have to give it a longer listen later on. Overall according to my ears there isn't one clear winner. Some amps sound better on specific tracks, but none have it across the board!
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