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My new Senn 495

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Well after ordering the beyer 250 and waiting 3 weeks to not get them, I canceled and ordered teh senn 495 because I prefer the warmer sounds... and many have said it was more comfortable then grados..

Boy does my ear itch wearing these things.. does this get better? I thought it would go around my ears but it's just this flat pad... am I gonna get used to the itch or what?

and it's true about the amp... these things dont' nearly get loud enough on my SB live... althought they do reach as loud as you would want. I think I thought they werent' loud enough so turned them up all the way and sat there and listened for a few hours... now I have a headache... grrr...
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go the extra mile and get an amp from JMT or thomas. It is impossible to power the 495s properly with an SBLive. You're ears will not be able to thank you enough.
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I luv my 495s - and have no itch, whatsoever. Sorry to hear about your problems.....

You're probably listening so loud, and yet thinking they aren't loud, because when underpowered, the Senn. 495s have very little bass and a thin midrange - turning things up sounds "Better" but not "louder" - and the sound will still be pretty bad....GET AN AMP

I reccomend JMT....personal bias....tho thomas will be great, too, i'm sure....
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I reccomend JMT
Me too!
BTW, coolvij........spelling counts. You lose 2 points! (recommend)
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hehehe.....at long last, the teacher in joelongwood spills out

ok ok - recommend.....if i WROTE it out, it would've been spelled correctly, honest! Typing is too much of a reflex for me....
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Hehe, better not get me started on bad spelling... that happens to be one of my pet peeves.
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hmm.. how much do does amps cost?

Am I really not getting anywhere close to what I could be getting without an amp? Should I just return it and get the grados sr60? I just ordered tehse from headroom.
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Headroom makes amps... their better valued amps are probably pricey though, $500+. There are $200, $300, and up range amps too that are great. The best recommended commercial amplifier made would probably be the $130 Headroom Total Airhead... Maybe a little pricey for you?

You can e-mail JMT or thomas for a quote, you will probably find it very reasonable, and they supposedly outperform the more costly Total Airhead.
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I just got my 495's in the mail today! They're my first pair of "good" headphones, and they sure do sound better than regular stock headphones.
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Congrats Burnt ... and welcome to both, Head-Fi and Team Sennheiser.
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my advice, if you can afford it, is to return the HD495's and go with the AKG K401's from Headroom. They're on sale for $120. they're definitely warm, and they'll go all the way around your ears very comfortably. they're HUGE! They can also be powered from a soundblaster live soundcard, which is how I'm powering them currently.
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Neruda: I'm pretty sure the 495 will be powered well by a soundcard - at least as well as the 401

Seriously, tho - I just tried them out of a soundcard, and the 495s have decent bass, and a pretty good soundstage, out of my SB Live!...
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I'm with Neruda. If you feel like getting dangerous, and ignoring the rest of the Grado/Senn crowed, try the AKG K401s. Just make sure you break them in before you decide, though. They'll sound completely different.
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I'm sure that's true coolvij, I'm just giving him options is all...

I was worried about the k401's price tag in comparison to the HD495's, but i just noticed that Demitre had previously intended to get the Beyer DT250. That headphone is usually in the $160-$200 range, so I'm hoping that he'll be able to try out the k401 as well.
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I know......I was just trying to contain this AKG virus that's been spreading, lately
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